And the kitty makes eight

December 9, 2008

Looks like Wolfie’s not going anywhere.  He’ll be the 8th and the last.  He and Zen have grown so attached to each other now, it would be simply cruel to seperate the ‘love birds.’


Playing dead

November 8, 2008


Telegraph UK

By Catherine Elsworth in Denver
Last Updated: 7:00PM GMT 05 Nov 2008

The new First Pet will be an as yet unnamed puppy, according to the Illinois senator’s victory speech in which he thanked his family for their support and told daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, seven: “I love you more than you can imagine, and you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the White House.”

The girls, who will be the youngest residents of the White House since Amy Carter moved in aged nine in 1977, beamed at the news.

There was no word on the type of dog the Obama family will chose although Michelle Obama indicated in a television interview during the campaign they would like to adopt a rescue dog. Mr Obama had promised his children a dog whether or not he won the election.

The new First Puppy will follow in the footsteps of a long line of presidential pets dating back to George Washington, who had several dogs.

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Will I be the next First Puppy?

US Presidential Elections

November 5, 2008

Personally, nothing would make me more relieved than Obama winning this election.  LIke Christine Amanpour said, this election will change the world.  Never before, as far as I can recall, has an election electrified the world as this one has, for a long long time. 

Right now, with priorities changed, the issue of the global crisis takes precedence over war. I hope the Americans are savvy enough to discern the best candidate who can take the US and the world out of this immediate crisis.





Tying the knot

November 5, 2008

From Alex:

Well, well, well. The crazy cat lady has finally tied the knot. Technically. Her boy, who hails from the land of the Down Under decided to move his butt, possessions into our cosy little home.  That brings up the population in the House of Chaos to 8.  Wolfie doesn’t count, remember? He’s to be adopted out.

I don’t know how though.  At the rate he is growing, the amount of food he is eating, the havoc he is creating, it will take the mother of all miracles to get that boy out the door.  But miracles do happened as it seems.  Last night, Siti & her man visited him & they appear to adore him, snapping pictures of him and such.  So, if everything goes according to plan, Wolfie will be out of our lives by the first week of December.  The crazy cat lady insisted that she will get him neutered & tipped ear before he goes to his new home. Either that or no deal.

Anyway, some pictures of the crazy cat lady’s happy day with her boy in a Buddhist wedding blessing ceremony.


The wise monk imparting his words of wisdom to the boy, “from this day forth, you shall obey her.  Her wish shall be your command.  She is the master & you are her .. boy.”


And with that, they tied the knot. Get it??

img_0321And so it begins, the first wrestling match in the house of the crazies. 




What’s up with the Chaos

October 17, 2008

Plenty plenty!  Too much has been happening and all at the same time.  Too much to update now but will do so. Promise.
Meanwhile, I found a little kitty at the busy car park in the wet market across my home.  Hiding under a bush, shivering from fear(?).  I looked for his family but found none.  Ears & feet were cleaned too.  A victim of abandonment? Looks like it.
Anyway, scoot him into my handbag into my handbag an hour later.  He didn’t see that coming but didn’t put up a fight either.  Just a few meows & after that, happily (or stupidly) accepted his fate? 🙂

Right away, he got bathe, followed by massive bingeing on wet food.  That’s when I found he walked with a limp.  Uh oh, not good.  Got him to the vet the next day, might as well get him dewormed & vaccinated at the same time.  Just as I suspected, its a fracture. Vet said he needs surgery or worse amputation!?!.  I frowned, decided I should get a 2nd opinion. 

A week later, took him to a 2nd vet. Yes, he does have a fracture but it not a clean break.  So it’ll heal by itself, since the boy is running & jumping like a monkey, ok, a limping monkey.

Wolfie fooling around with Zen

Fooling around with Zen
Its now almost month since I’ve found him.  He has fully integrated into Chaos’ lives, especially Zen.  Zen has taken up the role of big brother to this little fella.  Protecting him from the big bad Beauty & Junior.  Playing catch with him.  Alex too, has taken a liking towards the little fella.  The little one sees Alex is the big white fluff that he loves to jump on, which sends Alex into a wheezing fit. 
Oh, when I found the little fella, he was pretty malnutritioned.  He weighed only a kilo!  I thought he was a month plus old.  Turned out 3 months.  Bummer!  But he quickly caught up.  Now he’s twice the size since & growing every second.  I am very happy that he is now a healthy, happy little fella.

Sleepy head

“Huh?!?” “Smile! You dope”

“Oh … but I can’t keep my eyes opened ….”

“Whatever … zzzzzzs”

By the way, did I mentioned he’s named Wolfie??  And Wolfie is up for adoption 🙂 No, 7 Chaos is enough for now 🙂

A Zen moment …

March 23, 2008


Ying yang

March 23, 2008


Chaos’ ying yang, living in perfect harmony ….

March 23, 2008


Ruby after her breakfast

Ruby, the grand dame of the Chaos household has recently started to wheeze no reason.  I used to think it was hairball but after repeated hairball gel feeding, she still wheezes. 

I asked foster mom P this morning & she said it is ‘old cat’ symptoms.  Apparently, it is a common thing for very old cats & dogs to wheeze.  Its not asthma either.  It is just a telling sign that she is getting on with old age & I should be prepared for the worse in the months to come.

Drool …

March 14, 2008


Does your cat drool when he/she is very very happy?

Wawa has started drooling lately. When I cuddle in my arms, she would roll about in my arms, purr & then drool.  Droplets of saliva drooling down the chin.  It feels like to holding a month old baby in my arms.  Something I don’t relish to be honest.  But at least I know I’m doing something right, giving her joy 🙂