Excitement starts here

November 15, 2005

I got home after a concert late last Friday nite & was greeted by everyone but Alex, who was noticeably missing from the usual gang of 4. I panicked & started looking all over for him, even tipped the sofa over just in case he’s stuck between the sofa’s narrow shelving, while calling out his name. I could hear a distant meow but couldn’t place where it came from. And just as the search got to a frantic pitch, I realised his meow came from the store room!

Apparently, that morning when I went to the store room to get a fresh pack of tissue, he followed me in without me realising it. I closed the door in a hurry & left for work. I remembered bidding goodbye to him & heard the same distant meow – probably he was meowing for help but i mistook that for ‘bye babe’!

I opened the door, he ran out & the poor chap was obviously disoriented as he was running in circles! After a few rounds my boy collapsed from a combination sheer giddiness & dehydration. So I picked him up & put him to his waterbowl & he drank a whole bowl of water. Go figure.

My poor baby was locked in the dark small room for more than 12 hrs & luckily there’s an old packet of cat biscuits & he’s smart (desperate) enough to tear it open to eat. Anyway I was ridden with guilt & remorse 😦 But thankfully he’s not one to bear grudges. He was back in the storeroom in 2 minutes as I was cleaning up the mess he left behind. Has he forgotten that this is the dark, narrow room of horror – with no lights & litter box?? Apparently so.

Went to visit the kittens in their new home yesterday & the family decided that they can’t keep Fisher (Mr. Black) cos three cats are a handful (I beg to differ but they won’t won’t hear logic). Anyway, they gave me a packet of mee soto to make up for the ‘inconvenience’ & sent us on our way. That’s the most expensive mee soto. Ever.

So Fisher’s back like he had never left .. immediately found his designated nipple & began suckling right away …

Now there’s have Fisher who’s gone back to being a baby instead of behaving like a pre-teen like he should be, Dim Sum has a breasfeed 1 more perpectually hungry kitten (ouch!), Fudge having to compete with 1 more sibling for mommy’s attention, Beauty having 1 more kitten to drive her further into the nuthouse & I with 1 more mouth to feed & more poo to clear … the only one who’s happy is Alex cos 1 more kitty to play with!

Welcome to the chaos in the house of Cat.


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