Who’s the Boss

November 16, 2005

I used to think I am. At least I was, when I was a happily living on my own. I come and go as I please, I answer to no one but myself.

Then Beauty, my beautiful calico came into my life. It was a love @ first sight. Those beautiful large round eyes got me. Beauty’s a diva & a sumo (weighing at 8kg). She sits in her throne & receives her subject/s (that’s me, most of the time). Don’t expect her to sit on your lap & purr. If you want a purr or rub, then go to her & depending on her mood, she may either reward you with the purr you’re looking for or a grunt. She has the attitude & so she became the boss. I just pay the rent & the food.

& then Alex, my handsome persian joined this little family. And our diva became all docile & feminine overnight. He took over the bed (but he’s kind enough to share the bed with me) & the rest of the house & has Beauty at his bidding. He became the boss. I just pay the rent & the food.

By chance, I found Dim Sum & family was abandoned & I decided to take them in as a fosterer until the kittens are ready for adoption in 2 months & the family will be out of the house & life will be back to normal. Easy. However, things don’t turn out as I have carefully planned. The Dim Sum & kittens (aka F4s) have outgrew their stay. Managed to get 2 kittens adopted – better than nothing. Dim Sum has grown confident although not much in size (she’s puny @ 2.5kg). She bullies Beauty & Alex on the pretext of protecting her babies. But I don’t think so. The babies can outrun everyone, climbs over all us (I’m an obstacle course in their play). They eat, drink, play whenever they want & then sleep & remain completely oblivious other stuff that is going on in the house.

Its official now, Dim Sum & family is the boss of the house. For me, I’m still paying the rent & the food.

The beautiful calico that caught my eye (L) Alex, the alpha male (R)

Fargo & Fitz have found home, Fudge’s still looking & Fisher’s been return to sender :o(


2 Responses to “Who’s the Boss”

  1. vegancat said

    What a lovely family 🙂

  2. Cat said

    I agree .. I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

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