The Great Escape

November 17, 2005

Beauty loves to jump & she also enjoys the great outdoors (aka corridor) .. a dangerous combination for a cat residing in a highrise HDB.

I was cleaning up a day’s worth of poo, yes, a suit, squatting in the toilet scooping masses of cat poo! Anway, I heard a loud bang from the front. Came out the toilet, saw Alex, Dim Sum, F&F staring at the living room window. So, I joined in & looked but what I am supposed to be looking at???

Looked down at the cats again & something doesn’t seem right. I started an inventory count .. one’s missing. No prizes for guessing right but Beauty’s missing. I thought she did an Alex on me so I checked the store room this time but nada!

Then it dawned on me the cats were not just looking at the window but probably marvelling Beauty for her great escape act. I looked out the window, can’t see her. Panicked, I grabbed my keys & mobile, mentally prepared to search the block inch by inch. Opened the door, ms. diva was sitting outside. For a second, we looked at each other, surprised to each other. Then she looked out & looked back in the house , slowly strolled back in. She must be muttering to herself “out the window & then turn right, always turn right! Not left, silly woman!” 🙂

Good try. Better luck next time Beauty!


2 Responses to “The Great Escape”

  1. vegancat said

    Was Beauty trying a “therapeutic” escape to see if she still harboured the fear of being pushed out of her last home, after the family adopted a puppy? And when she sat at the door waiting for it to open so that she could walk in only to be thrown again.

  2. Cat said

    Don’t think so .. I think all she wants is to get out for some ‘fresh air’ – like we do.

    She doesn’t wander far, just outside the flat where I can see her.

    So on quiet Sunday afternoons, I usually let her out & I’ll watch her from the windows.

    So far, she’s behaving.

    Still such outings are a rare treat for her.

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