Should I or Shouldn’t I

November 21, 2005

Should I sterilise Dim Sum now or should I wait? I’m in a dilemma. So I decided to do what most people do when they’re caught in a dilemma – a list.

The Pros
1) Stop the caterwauling before the neighbours actually complain!
2) Hopefuly she’ll stop being so darn protective & terrotorial & that she’ll stop bullying Beauty .. the sight of a
sumo being terrorised by a skinny one is not pretty

The Cons
1) Baby Fudge .. why deprive her when she can benefit as much as possible


1 con agains 2 pros but the well-being of Fudge outweighs all consideration. Tried negotiating with Beauty to buy more time & all I got was a grunt & a near swipe in the face. Obviously, she doesn’t give 2 hoots for Fudge. All she wants is to get Dim Sum OFF HER BACK! & pronto!!!

1 piece of good news .. Fudge’s finally started eating dry food although more of a nibble. This girl’s a slow learner. At 2 months, she should be chomping on dry & wet food without care but nope, she prefers milk & wet food. Am getting her Nutro Kitten dry .. hopefully this’ll taste better & will get her hooked … lets wait & see.

Fudge got her 1st bath yesterday, she’s a good girl, didn’t put up much of a fight (yeah, wait till she grows up!) .. I think the fright of water & shampoo was too much for her. She fell asleep in the middle of getting towelled dry.

Beauty is going to Cat Whisperer for her 1st ‘spa’ this Saturday! I can’t wait for her to get the full treatment cos she’s just too heavy for me to handle.


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