Good Days & Bad Ones

January 18, 2006

Like humans with terminal illness, Fudge has her good & bad days.

On a good day, she takes an interest in life around her, tries her best to participate in the play activities, eats relatively well.

On a bad day, she sleeps more than usual, can’t eat more than a bite of food.

But whether its a good day or a bad one, there’s two things that doesn’t change. 1) She’s damn fierce .. complains when she’s interrupted whether its play or sleep or when taking her medication. Its a daily battle to feed her her medicine & supplements. 2) Her tenacity to live & love. Despite her complains, she swallows her medicine like an obedient girl, never once ever throwing up. She forces herself to eat even if its just a morsel of food. She’d still perk up at slightest sound even though she’s too tired to move. She’d still come to come to my bed at night even though she has her own bed & is sometimes weak to walk. She’d kiss Dim Sum when Dim Sum comforts her & keeps her company.

Sometimes a good day maybe just a couple of hours & then it turns for the worse. Just like this morning. She gets her breakfast with rest of the gang at 6.30am. She ate her usual quantity (which is not much these days – abt a teaspoon of Fancy Feast). She asked for more. I gave her another teaspoon & then she asks for more. & so another teaspoon. This is most she has eaten in 1 sitting in the last 2-1/2 weeks. I was so happy I did a little jiggy dance in the kitchen.

My part-time help now comes in everyday to feed Fudge at noon. Fudge couldn’t eat anymore. She ate less than a teaspoon of food & is back to her lethargic state. Abby (my help) said in her sms “Fudge had 1 bite at her food & then go back to sleep”. Maybe she ate too much at breakfast .. maybe its a bad day. Only Fudge knows.


3 Responses to “Good Days & Bad Ones”

  1. cat_aunty said

    Fudge, hangs in there.

  2. vegancat said

    Fudge is one “lucky” kitten to receive so much care and love. It is said that if a person’s mind at the time of his dying is filled with images of all the good things that he has done in his life, then he will be “reborn” into “heaven”. With so much positive mental imprints, Fudge is in “heaven” here and there-after.

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