So I am a cat lover .. you have a problem???

January 19, 2006

I’m a cat lover & I’m proud of it. If you don’t like cats, that’s fine by me. But have some respect for those who do.

The other day I applied for a day’s leave at the last minute to take Alex to the vet. He cried when I touched his right side & I was afraid it could be a fracture. Now he needs someone to take him to the vet right? He can’t jolly well take a walk there & tell the vet what is wrong with him, can he? I don’t want to wait cos if its a fracture, it needs immediate attention.

Anyway, it turned out to be just a bruise, the vet gave him a shot of painkillers & sent us home. Since that took only a couple hours, I figured I might as well go back to work (managed to save 1/2 day leave! hee).

Anyway, got to office, was asked by the kaypoh colleagues what happen, why take leave etc etc. 1 smart aleck said “no child leave take cat leave izzit?? hiak hiak hiak”

What’s wrong with taking annual leave to look after my cats? Is not that I’m taking time off or skiving! Bloody hell. Really feel like slapping that idiotic smile off her stupid face.

Another one actually said “you have cats! well, its good to have a hobby” EXCUSE ME?!?!?! a pet is a hobby??? I guess her kids are extra curriculum activities then. Just how dumb are these people???????

Kanasai! & jumbo ones at that.


2 Responses to “So I am a cat lover .. you have a problem???”

  1. vegancat said

    Caring about anybody else, even if it were for “just” cats, is a rare trait amongst our fellow human beings nowadays. The incessant “feeding” of the “self-ishness” with gratification of their emotional and physical needs is giving rise to a generation of beings who do not care a hoot about anyone else’s needs or feelings. It is an “I, I, I” mentality that will eventually destroy this society and in fact this world, if we do not recognise it and nip it. If any child shows that he or she cares enough to want to help a little kitten on the streets, a “smart” parent would feel gratitude that this is a rare kind child. But how can a non-contemplating parent get out of a very strong “brainwashing” of promoting present day values such as bringing up a child to be either a boy, an engineer or a doctor (as seen in an ad on a Taxi promoting a local bank loan scheme), instead of bringing up a child to be KIND, of not harming others, including animals? When the parents grow old and the child who is now an adult, treats them badly, they wonder “where have we gone wrong?”

  2. Celeste Lock said

    Hey. I like how you write this piece – makes me laugh. And yes, I concur totally your sentiments about how rude and idiotic some people are.

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