Moving On

January 30, 2006

Thank you for all your condolences & words of comfort. It is heartening to know that this little kitten has touched your lives.

I am alright now. To be honest, I am in fact, relieved that she finally rests in peace. Consoled that she is now in a happy place. I will miss her, but she continues to live in my heart and in the hearts of Alex, Beauty & Dim Sum.

Its interesting to note that the cats grief in different ways. Beauty just wants to get close to Fudge’s things. She spent yesterday in Fudge’s bed, sniffing Fudge’s toys.

Dim Sum has now moved on. I could tell she was sad yesterday as she was very quiet & spent the day looking out the window, hardly moved from that spot. But now she’s back to being her usual self.

I am more concerned about Alex. He hasn’t seem to have gotten over his grief. He still pines for Fudge. He’d go from room to room, calling out to her. He due for his long overdue teeth-scaling tomorrow & now I am not sure if he’s in the right state of mind to do this. Oh well, lets see what the vet says.

Didn’t expert say that women are tougher than men in times of crisis? This obviously extends to cats huh? 🙂

This month life at home had been all about Fudge, we revolved around her. Now its time to close the chapter & move on with our lives. After all, life still goes on, with or without Fudge.

So, while we stay strong & keep her memories alive in us, now I need to spend some quality time with Alex, Beauty & Dim Sum.

Once again, on behalf of everyone at home, thank you so much.

Take care you all. Love to you & your meowies at home.


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