Hush, little baby, don’t say a word, Mama’s going to buy you a mocking bird.
If the mocking bird won’t sing, Mama’s going to buy you a diamond ring.

If the diamond ring turns brass, Mama’s going to buy you a looking-glass.

If the looking-glass gets broke, Mama’s going to buy you a billy-goat.

If that billy-goat runs away, Mama’s going to buy you another day.

Sweet dreams babies


Cat Talk

February 22, 2006

Life with Carma

February 20, 2006

Well, its more than 2 weeks now since Carma joins the Chaos.

She’s fitting in quite well actually. No major fights, so far. A few spats, scuffles here & there, & that’s about it.

Since Carma came, Beauty is now ‘friends’ with Alex & Dim Sum. Beauty used to stay in my room most of the time. Now they ‘chill out’ together on my bed, which unfortunately, leaves me with just a teeny weeny bit to lie on. If I turn, I’m on the floor. Hey, small sacrifices for harmony, right?

Carma is working her way to bond with them. She’d hang around watching them, try to get as close to them as possible without getting snarled at. They just need time to get to know her. I am positive she’ll get there.

Carma is such a positive cat. She’s just happy to play by herself, she’s constantly entertaining herself. She’s very loving & she demonstrates her love openly. She meows the loudest when I come home everyday from work. She’d weave in & out of my legs, rubs her head against me. A very touchy-feely cat. What a lovely cat!

Now, I am a happy cat momma.

My Feline Valentine

February 18, 2006

I know, I know, this is 4 days late. But better than never! (Let me warn you, this IS a cliche post! So if you don’t like it, I suggest you stop here!!)

While most people were out spending this day with their loved ones, I was working late into the night in the office, feeling sorry for myself, stressed, sick & can’t wait for the week to be over.

But all negativities, aches & pains evoporated the minuted I stepped home. I was greeted by my 4 darlings. Beauty on the sofa, waiting to give me a kiss. Dim Sum looking at me with those beautiful eyes of hers, waiting for a head scratch. Carma weaving in & out of my legs. & Alex, sitting by patiently on the kitchen table, waiting for his hug.

Who needs Valentine’s Day to validate love? Just look at the 4 of them – their love is unconditional. My 4 darlings are my valentine, all the time. With them & my family, who needs flowers & chocolates just on 14th Feb? Its Valentine’s day everday in the House of Chaos!

Strange Habits

February 15, 2006

Alex & Beauty have strange habits.

Whenever Alex goes to a loo, regardless of who’s loo or which loo it is, he has to circle the toilet bowl anti-clock wise before he goes on to check out the loo, take dump in his litter box, whatever. If you happened to sit on toilet doing whatever you need to do, it doesn’t matter. Your presence doesn’t bother him nor stop him from circling.

Another one of Alex. He prefers to eat his food on floor than on the plate. So he’d ‘paw’ his food out of his plate & the proceed to eat it off the floor. Eeck!

As for Beauty, before she sleeps in her bed at night, she’d circle it twice before settling in. But when she sleeps on the sofa arm or my bed, it doesn’t matter, she just plonks herself down. She’s only meticulous when it comes to her bed.

Weird .. is it just my cats? Do yours have strange habits?

Something A Little Lighter

February 12, 2006

& The Battle Begins

February 10, 2006

for the 3rd & 4th spots of the hierarchy that is.

It is the accepted order that Beauty is the ‘Da-Jie’ (Big Sister) & Alex is the ‘Da-Ge’ (Big Bro) in the Chaos hierarchy. But who’s going to be the ‘Er-Mei’ (2nd Sis) & ‘Xiao-Mei’ (Lil’ Sis) remains to be seen. Previously it was obvious – Dim Sum & then Fudge. But the order has changed and that’s up to Carma & Dim Sum to decide. So the battle between Carma & Dim Sum began at 3am & round #2 at 7am this morning.

At about 3, I was woken by a big commotion under my bed -4 cats under my bed. By the time I had my glasses & the lights on, I found Beauty in her usual sanctuary spot (top of the wardrobe), Alex under the kitchen table & Carma & Dim Sum in the common bathroom. Dim Sum was snarling & hissing, her hair was up. Managed to calm her down after awhile. Went back to sleep.

At 7am, I was woken by a scuffle in the living room. Again, by the time I was up, Dim Sum was up the window in the guest room & Carma was staking her out. This time both cats were spitting & exchanging dangerous hissing. So Carma isn’t so timid after all. She has some spunk, taking on THE chilli padi. Beauty watch out! You’re probably the next target. I guess Carma has learned to fend for herself, having lived in the shelter for almost a year. All sorts cats come & go there & she just has to.

Ok, so I spoke too soon. But, I did say this peace is too good to be true too! So lets wait & see the outcome of this battle. From a safe distance, of course.

Carma Warms Up

February 9, 2006

When Carma arrived on Saturday night, she was very shy & timid. Obviously so as she remembers Beauty & her terror ways.

Carma hid under the bed most of the time & she was throwing up most of the food she ate. I thought she had worms but Phyllis suspected stress. She is right.

I came home this evening, expecting to clean up her room once again. It turned out, she ate all her biscuits & the room is clean! She ventured out of her room & had dinner with Beauty. I held my breath, expecting Beauty to snarl, snap & throw a fit. She didn’t. She was calm & so they ate next to each other. Miracles! A year ago, she would have shredded Carma.

So, little Carma has finally overcome her shyness. She’s taking her time to get to know the rest but that’s fine. She can take as long as she wants cos she’s home anyway.

Beauty & Dim Sum in conversation

Carma listening

Charlie Chan Alex