Everyone, Meet Carma

February 4, 2006

This is Carma, newest member of Chaos.

Took Carma home from Phyllis’ place last evening. Carma was formerly known as Orange. She was sort of Beauty’s nemesis. She lived with us briefly but Beauty was not able to get along with her.

It has been almost a year since then and Carma was never successfully adopted. Not that she lacked admirers but somehow, the adoptions never worked out for her.

In December last year, I decided to take her back since Beauty is not as aggressive as before & is now feline-tolerant. But, the cats fell sick, one after another, & then Fudge.

Now that everything has settled down, Carma is finally home. This is destiny, isn’t it?


10 Responses to “Everyone, Meet Carma”

  1. the letter b said

    i think there’s somethin about Carma that made you re-adopt her Cat 🙂 seriously, you are really one very kind lady.

  2. CatDonna & Cats said

    Yeah, she is obviously called Carma for a reason.

    Sometimes cats choose us, sometimes we choose them hey? 🙂

  3. Cat said

    & sometimes we are just meant to be together 🙂

  4. vegancat said

    Karma connects Carma and Cat from the past, in the present and again in the future. Karma is one powerful action!

  5. Cat said

    There must have been a lot of good actions that brought Chaos & I together.

    Hopefully, with even more good actions, we shall be reunited in the future.

  6. Anonymous said

    hi Cat – just saw your message at 5-Cat Style. i had the Starbucks Liat Towers in mind, but your choices are brilliant too 🙂 when do you prefer?

  7. Cat said

    oh yeah, i forgot there is one in liat towers. lets go there then. what time should we meet?

  8. the letter b said

    not a problem though would you like to wait for other responses over at 5-Cat Style? or if it’s ok we meet first and then the rest on another there?

  9. Cat said

    send me an email. i’ll try to consolidate.


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