Uncharacteristically Not Chaotic

February 6, 2006

Its more than 24 hours that Carma’s with us & I was bracing for cat fights, fierce hissing & serious throwing of tantrums around the house.

Well, I was wrong. All have been unusually well behaved. Left Carma in the front room for her to get used to the environment, the cats have shown little interest in her. Alex popped in her room yesterday morning for a meet & greet, it was a quiet & dignified event.

Then Dim Sum came, very much the same, just a little hissing & that was it.

Finally Beauty. Ok, Carma remembers her. Saw the big fat cat, she turned & hid under the bed. Same thing, Beauty hissed a little & left.

This is too good to be true. I’m still pinching myself.

Meanwhile, Alex has found a new spot that interferes with Dim Sum’s favourite past-time.

Alex has been unusually quiet since Fudge passed away. I’m staring to worry. How I wish there is a pet psychiarist in Singapore. Wish I know what he’s going through right now. In fact, what they are all thinking.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in your cats’ mind?


11 Responses to “Uncharacteristically Not Chaotic”

  1. vegancat said

    What’s goes on in a cat’s mind shows in the tail. Chinky can pretend he doesn’t hear me but his tail gives his mind away. It swings in tandem to my voice.

  2. =^..^= said

    Oh gosh! I wonder about that all the time.

    I don’t think it is just me… but it’s always on the last night (or days) just before handing them to their adopters, the cats are extra tender and loving. Some very out-going ones suddenly retreat and want to stay hidden in their favourite corners. Others become very very manja. It’s as though they know they’re about to leave me and all their fave spots.

    ~5-Cat Style

  3. Cat said

    Whenever I nag at Beauty, she thumps her tail & gave me side looks. & sometimes when she really irritated, she’d meow back.


  4. the letter b said

    funny, you know the cat that adopted my grandfather? whenever i responded “sayang” to her meows whilst stroking her, she stood up, then walked around and rubbed herself against me?! and then when i got up and moved away, she raised her head – if lying down – and her meow was like, “where are you going?” and then i went, “come girl” and she followed!

    soz Cat, what’s your email? never mind, mine: crann underscore creative at yahoo co uk

  5. CatDonna & Cats said

    I’ve had similar experiences to 5-Cat Style. I think (and I’m being horribly unsentimental here) that cats can sense our latent anxiety when it’s time for them to go, and it affects them.

    So behaviours change. Some cats are stoic and calm, some become neurotic and clingy.

    I grew up with dogs, before I got married and moved out (they’re still at my parents’ place). They’ve displayed clear signs of grief and loss when one of our dogs passed on, and another one was given away. I mean becoming uncharacteristically quiet (or whiny), not eating or eating nonstop/everything, the works. Very human don’t ya think?

  6. Cat said

    That’s the stage Alex’s in right now – quiet & change in eating habits.

    How long did the grieving lasts for your parents’ dogs?

  7. the letter b said

    i don’t claim to be an animal psychiatrist but what i can surmised is:
    1. having read your past entries, Alex is the one who was looking after Fudge – grooming et al- when she was completely ignored by her own mother – being the weakest of the brood. it was like how a [human] caretaker would react if her charge passed away. so in other words, there are many similarities between cats/dogs/other mammals and us humans.

    2. as for it seems only the females Beauty and Dim Sum slight hissing at Carma – something like: alrighty “kiddo”, just remember your position in this household, and you are uhm, number 4. so me and Beauty [or in Beauty’s case: me and Dim Sum] take precedence with Alex’s affection. you get me?

    right i better stop before i carry on with this psychobabble. 😛

  8. cat_aunty said

    Ummm,not wet behind the draining rack meh??

  9. Cat said

    Hi everyone,

    Letter B suggests a gathering for the cat bloggers this Sunday. Possible venue is either IndoChine Wisma Atria or Starbucks Liat Tower.

    Which do you prefer?


  10. kuro.shiro.neko said

    i can vouch that cats remember! my chloe was away for more than a year, she came back, her sisters instantly (well, almost) remembered her, and started grooming her. so did her nemesis (not groom, but remember her).

    but, i think she has learnt her lesson, she is actually more well-behaved, she stays out of her nemesis’ way.

  11. =^..^= said

    I’m planning a reunion for Bombay and gang. I’m curious to see if all 5 siblings still remember one another.

    ~5-Cat Style

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