Beauty & Dim Sum in conversation …

February 9, 2006

Beauty & Dim Sum in conversation

Carma listening

Charlie Chan Alex


6 Responses to “Beauty & Dim Sum in conversation …”

  1. Celeste Lock said

    Beauty looked so huge compared to Dim Sum hor?

  2. vegancat said

    Alex looks like he is experiencing the bliss of jana!

  3. Cat said

    Alex is cute, especially with his tongue sticking out!

    Celeste – Beauty is alot larger than Dim Sum. Dim Sum is very slim & petite (in human terms – a model material) but she’s one fiery chilli padi!

  4. the letter b said

    heh, never judge a cat by its size 😀 to re-quote a famous saying.

  5. cat_aunty said

    Erm what is Beauty’s weight ah? Is Alex a special breed?

  6. Cat said

    Beauty’s around 7.5kg now after dieting.

    Alex is a persian cross.

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