Carma Warms Up

February 9, 2006

When Carma arrived on Saturday night, she was very shy & timid. Obviously so as she remembers Beauty & her terror ways.

Carma hid under the bed most of the time & she was throwing up most of the food she ate. I thought she had worms but Phyllis suspected stress. She is right.

I came home this evening, expecting to clean up her room once again. It turned out, she ate all her biscuits & the room is clean! She ventured out of her room & had dinner with Beauty. I held my breath, expecting Beauty to snarl, snap & throw a fit. She didn’t. She was calm & so they ate next to each other. Miracles! A year ago, she would have shredded Carma.

So, little Carma has finally overcome her shyness. She’s taking her time to get to know the rest but that’s fine. She can take as long as she wants cos she’s home anyway.


3 Responses to “Carma Warms Up”

  1. vegancat said

    What wonderful news to start the day 🙂

  2. the letter b said

    there’s definitely something about Carma.. 🙂 yay to Beauty too!

  3. Cat said

    Carma is a darling .. today’s the 1st time my part-time help met her & she sent me an sms before she left – “Carma is very nice & she likes to play around my legs. I think its her way to welcome me & introduce herself :)”


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