& The Battle Begins

February 10, 2006

for the 3rd & 4th spots of the hierarchy that is.

It is the accepted order that Beauty is the ‘Da-Jie’ (Big Sister) & Alex is the ‘Da-Ge’ (Big Bro) in the Chaos hierarchy. But who’s going to be the ‘Er-Mei’ (2nd Sis) & ‘Xiao-Mei’ (Lil’ Sis) remains to be seen. Previously it was obvious – Dim Sum & then Fudge. But the order has changed and that’s up to Carma & Dim Sum to decide. So the battle between Carma & Dim Sum began at 3am & round #2 at 7am this morning.

At about 3, I was woken by a big commotion under my bed -4 cats under my bed. By the time I had my glasses & the lights on, I found Beauty in her usual sanctuary spot (top of the wardrobe), Alex under the kitchen table & Carma & Dim Sum in the common bathroom. Dim Sum was snarling & hissing, her hair was up. Managed to calm her down after awhile. Went back to sleep.

At 7am, I was woken by a scuffle in the living room. Again, by the time I was up, Dim Sum was up the window in the guest room & Carma was staking her out. This time both cats were spitting & exchanging dangerous hissing. So Carma isn’t so timid after all. She has some spunk, taking on THE chilli padi. Beauty watch out! You’re probably the next target. I guess Carma has learned to fend for herself, having lived in the shelter for almost a year. All sorts cats come & go there & she just has to.

Ok, so I spoke too soon. But, I did say this peace is too good to be true too! So lets wait & see the outcome of this battle. From a safe distance, of course.


2 Responses to “& The Battle Begins”

  1. vegancat said

    With cats around, who needs the “drama” korean serial on tv?

  2. Cat said

    that’s true but i can do without the 3am dramas though … 🙂

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