Change of Behaviour

March 2, 2006

I have noticed a change of behaviour in Alex recently.

It started sometime last week, I think. When he tried paw Dim Sum. She fought back & he jumped on her. She somehow managed to get away.

I didn’t think too much of the incident, until earlier this week. When he tried the same tactic on Carma. He would corner her, then paw her & if she resists him, he will jump on her until she crouches in a submissive position. Then he backs off.

This has been happening over the past few days. He keeps trying to dominate both Dim Sum & Carma. I wonder what causes this change in a cat from a sweet & gentle feline to this.

Luckily he’s wise enough not to make a pass on Beauty. She’s bigger & heavier & she’d probably pound him if he tries to be funny. She’ll probably give him an equivalent of a black eye.

He has also become demanding of my time. He would stick very close to me, wouldn’t allow Carma & Dim Sum to come close. When I do play with either girls, he would butt in, demanding to be played. Hmmm.

Nevertheless, I am concerned & how I wish there is an explanation for this change …


5 Responses to “Change of Behaviour”

  1. =^..^= said

    Hmmm… interesting… how old is Alex now?

    ~5-Cat Style

  2. Cat said

    Alex is about 5, he’s the oldest of the bunch.

  3. vegancat said

    Pre-menopausal symptoms? 🙂 I think it will pass with time.

  4. Cat said

    hopefully so.

    in a way, i wish carma wld retaliate, not that i want a fight but, if she does, at least he knows he can’t treat her like that.

  5. CatDonna & Cats said

    I agree with vegancat. Some cats just go through phases, and their humans have to grin and bear it.

    I think you can trust Carma to know when to retaliate! She sounds like a smart cookie.

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