& Now There Is 5

March 3, 2006

Ladies & gentlemen,

May I introduce Sanji Junior or just Junior (JR) for short.

JR was rescued by VeganCat & Carol a few weeks back. He was named after Sanji, another rescued ginger. Sanji Sr was malnutritioned when VeganCat rescued him & the poor soul didn’t survive. JR looks like carbon copy of Sr, therefore VeganCat decided to name him Sanji Jr. I am keeping his name in memory of Sr. (I am breaking the trend of my maniac obsession of alphabetising my cats’ names.)

Anyway, brought JR home tonight & he immediately made himself at home in Carma’s room. Carma wasn’t too pleased to share & made her feelings shown. It backfired on her. I decided that Carma should sleep in the kitchen. She’s now staking out little JR. Meanwhile, little JR oblivious to the cold reception, is very happy cat, left in a room full of Carma’s toys.

Let’s see the reaction of the rest of the gang in the next few days. But one thing for sure, there will be some chaos to come.


4 Responses to “& Now There Is 5”

  1. vegancat said

    Haha..so now the “mystery” custodian is revealed. I couldn’t feel any happier when I received Chaos-cat’s email – “Can I adopt Sanji Jr?” The love for Sanji Jr will be the same that would have been showered on Sanji Sr.
    Hmmm….A B C D J
    I think there is still room for E (Fudge) G H I…..
    I think Chaos-cat needs to upgrade to a mansion!

  2. Cat said

    Vegancat, when I first wrote to you, I was half expecting a NO since Carma joined our family barely less than a month.

    So you can imagine my joy when you replied YES.

    Thank you.

  3. the letter b said

    congrats Cat! may you be showered with more kitty lurve 🙂

    the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the initials JR, not only the early 80’s “cowboy” melodrama “Dallas” came to mind, the surname Ewing too! heh. JR Ewing.


  4. =^..^= said

    Congratulations on your growing family, both in size and in happiness! 😀

    Sanji JR couldn’t be in better hands. I hope he’ll find the accompanying paws just as wonderful.

    ~5-Cat Style

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