March 8, 2006

What have I gotten myself into??? I asked myself – I have 5 cats mad at each other & at me, all at the sametime.

Beauty is very annoyed that Dim Sum & Alex are now sticking to her like glue. I call them the Three Muskateers now. Heehee. But I’m sure she’s not amused.

They are cramming her style & no matter how nasty she gets with them, she can’t shake off Dim Sum & Alex. Beauty is one very very grumpy girl. SHE WANTS HER SPACE!!!! She’s been giving me the look of “GET-THEM-OUT-OF-MY-ROOM!” If looks could kill ….

Dim Sum absolutely abhorred Carma. Wouldn’t let Carma come within 5 feet of her. The moment Carma is within her sight, Dim Sum gets into this saliva spitting-hair standing fit. But Carma get a kick of out of this. She enjoys making Dim Sum go psycho. So every now & then, she’d go up to Dim Sum & ‘stir some shit’. I could smack that woman.

Meanwhile, Alex continues to corner Carma & gets her to submit. I’ll try to take a picture of Alex with a foot on Carma. (Imagine Sir Hillary conquering Everest).

Right now, Alex is giving me a cold shoulder. He’s probably jealous of JR or Carma, I don’t know anymore. I just suspect he resents sharing.

The four cats are very lovey-dovey but the difference is, Alex & Carma demand for attention & love while JR & Dim Sum are just naturally affectionate & loving. All like to cuddle on my lap. But I have only one lap. Children, take a number & deal with it. Thank goodness, Beauty’s not the lovey-dovey sort cos 8 kilos on my lap is no joke.

As for JR , he’s like a pile in Carma’s butt (vulgar, I know). Carma does not like Junior, at all. She would seize opportunities to bully him. Guess she’s upset that she has to give up her room for him. Well, tough.

Last evening, she scared him so much so he peed in his bed. Poor boy. But he does try his best to put up a fight. He’d find little nooks & corners that he can hide that Carma can’t get to. Still, it must be pretty intimidating for him – to be surrounded by 4 bigger & older cats.

Despite the chaos, the other three seemed to have no serious problems with JR as long as he knows his place. Sometimes he forgets & gets an occasional twat on the head by Beauty. Alex has started showing some curiousity in Junior. He’d hiss at him at little bit. I hope they will get along eventually. It will be interesting to see how Dim Sum will relate to him though. Although right now, she hasn’t shown any interest at all.

Fingers & toes crossed, may this mayhem end soon. Otherwise, I’m checking into a hotel.


10 Responses to “Chaos”

  1. vegancat said

    What a lot of fun chaos!
    I bet JR must be scheming…wait till I grow to my “max” size and I will give it back to these bullies! But hopefully not to sumo size like Beauty or you will end up with fractured femurs!

  2. =^..^= said

    Oh boy… your floor must be covered completely in cat-spit by now.

    Hope things settle down soon!

    ~5-Cat Style

  3. the letter b said

    er, has it something to do with the fengshui of your flat?


  4. Cat said

    letter b – its either that or the water they drink …

  5. Cat said

    vegancat – i dread that the day will come when JR gets to be the same size as Beauty. That means I’ll have to rob the bank to feed my babies.

    BTW, Beauty’s diet is finally working. She lost 0.5 kilo after 1 YEAR OF DIET!!!

  6. =^..^= said

    Ahaha! Maybe you should get the Osim iGallop for Beauty… help her ‘gallop’ her way to greater weight loss.

    ~5-Cat Style

  7. Cat said

    Or maybe I should just get Junior on her & she can gallop through the house. then again, she can be a bull in a chinahouse ….

  8. the letter b said

    yeah, i’ve always believed that NeWater is evil. read: pure evil. especially in the long run, i mean we are drinking *recycled* water.

    or probably your cats’ birthdates, birth time and zodiac clash with one another’s.

  9. Anonymous said

    I got into your blog by chance from Vegancat’s blog. But I really didn’t expect to meet Carma here…. Wasn’t she Orange? I was the one who brought her for spaying and she was with Phyllis for recuperation…. and I am sure you know the rest of history.

    I am very pleased she now have a warm home with love and is adapting well to your family. 🙂

    You may write to me at to update me on carma. She is really a very sweet friendly cat.

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