New Living Arrangements

March 11, 2006

Since Carma & Junior are not getting along after a week, I decided to change the Chaos’ living arrangements.

Although Junior survived the scuffles with Carma, he came out of it with a couple of minor battle scars.

Scratches on Junior’s nose

So I thought about Dim Sum & how little she had interacted with Junior so far. As I ran out of rooms now (Carma dominating the front room & the Chaos spending the most of part of the day in my room), I decided to put Dim Sum & Junior in my bathroom for the night.

It started out a little rough, with Dim Sum hissing & growling at Junior. But judging from Junior’s demeanor, he is not so much intimated by her but rather, he’s curious about her. Given that Dim Sum is gentle by nature, I left Junior in her hands or rather paws, checking in on them every 1/2 hour. After 2 hours, this is the living arrangement they’ve come to an agreement.

New HDB living?

So far so good. Beauty & Alex did a great job as bouncers at the door. We survived the night with the 5 of us in 1 room & Carma outside for now. A little claustrophobic but what the heck. Its a small price to pay for peace.


7 Responses to “New Living Arrangements”

  1. vegancat said

    Never a dull moment when you live with cats, especially when the number is 5! Wah lau eh!

  2. =^..^= said

    Hahaha! Leave it to cats to come up with all ideas.

    ~5-Cat Style

  3. auntie p said

    Aww…poor JR. Did he get the fright of his life from Carma? He still look adorable regardless of the scratches.

  4. Cat said

    He did. Carma would do sneak attacks on him all the time. The poor boy, would pee & poor me, have to clean up 😦

  5. CatDonna & Cats said

    Wow… turns out Carma is the most garang of the lot hey? 🙂

  6. Mary said

    Hi cat, please monitor junior and carma closely, i think they are both stress. Where do you placed them when you leave for work?

  7. Cat said

    Mary – Carma roams the house with the rest & Junior’s in the front room by himself with a boxful of toys.

    I can’t let him roam without supervision. No telling what Beauty or Carma may do when provoked.

    As for Carma, she’s perfectly capable of defending herself. She’s fine.

    CatDonna – yes, life in the shelter has toughened Carma. Gone was that timid kitten – now the she’s the ‘gansta’. The only ones who can keep her in her place are Beauty & Alex.

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