Holy Paddy! I’m a Momma!

March 19, 2006

Now I know for sure, I’m a mother. Doesn’t matter whether I’m a mother of a child or an animal. The job description is the same.

Its not just the feeding & the picking & cleaning up after them. When one of my babies fall sick, I worry about them, sponge them, medicate them, sit by them until they get better. When they fight or quarrel, I’m not only angry but sad because I want them all to love each other, as delusional as that sounds.

Friday was St. Patrick’s Day & I was at Muddy Murphy’s … again, honouring this “holy” day with countless pints of Kilkenny & Guiness. Believe me, both are Irish but they don’t mix very well. But that’s another story for another day.

So there I was, in the midst of revelry, picture taking & posing, picking up toy boys from all over & suddenly my thoughts wandered to my Chaos – did they have enough to eat? did they quarrel? did they miss me?? With that, I knew it was time to call it a night & headed home. Good grief.

This morning, Carma was all paws naughty, picking fights with Junior & Dim Sum. Like all mothers do, I scolded the naughty girl, smacked her rump & sent her to her room. She’s grounded for the day. Its tough grounding her because she’d make those pitiful whines that will melt even the meanest & hard-hearted men. But I just have grit my teeth & turn up the radio to drown her whining.

But Beauty was in a FANTASTIC mood this morning, all lovey-dovey, kissy kissy. So, she & I spent the next hour together, just the two of us shut in the bedroom, grooming, talking & kissing each other. You know, girl stuff.

I’m in heaven after that.

Its little moments like that that made motherhood what it is – there are ups & downs & the spins. But the reward of love is priceless. I’m going home to hug my mom tonight.


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