Soccer Anyone?

March 19, 2006

Ok, Alex, rule of the game is, I pass you the ball, you take it & you pass it back to me. Understand?”

“Duh, what do I do with the ball again?”

“Do I really have to play with him??? Persians!!”


5 Responses to “Soccer Anyone?”

  1. cat_aunty said

    Alex, you must come and visit Max. He is one keen socceroo!!

  2. =^..^= said

    Haha! Poor thing, lah! How about trying a less brain-taxing game like who can snooze the longest… or cat boxing?

    ~5-Cat Style

  3. vegancat said

    Sanji Jr has grown….length and breadth! “Hor Miah”

  4. Cat said

    Vegancat – Sanji Jr has not only grown in ‘length & breadth’ but by leaps & bounds in confidence!

    He seems to have settled in well with Alex & Dim Sum, loves to tackle them, especially Alex’s bushy tail. That never fails to intrigue him & poor Alex, always never saw him coming. 🙂

    He thought he could do the same with Beauty last evening. Boy, did he get a trashing from her. I had to rescue him from her fangs & claws.

  5. Celeste Lock said

    I like Junior’s expression in the last pic. So adorable!

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