My Prince Charming

March 20, 2006

With this handsome fella, who needs a bloke? Well …..


8 Responses to “My Prince Charming”

  1. Moglee said

    You’re right! When i was young, T wanted cats in my own house. So when I started dating, I make sure my BF likes cats and no mother-in-law. Hee,,,I got all my wishes granted. 7 cats, hubby who adores cats and cats love him. No mother-in-law!!!

  2. Cat said

    you lucky girl!!

  3. CatDonna & Cats said

    Lovely. White Persians are very striking.

    I agree with you about the dense part though. Teddy, the half-Persian, is the sweetest thing but also a complete and utter moron.

    How not to love? 🙂

  4. Anonymous said

    Alex is such a handsome cat…awww…

  5. vegancat said

    Excuse me are you are model?

  6. Cat said

    He is Singapore’s Next Top Model 😉

  7. auntie p said

    Cat, you can have your handsome furry fella AND bloke…you know, to help with the housework, clean the windows, and unchoke the sink, etc. – don’t think these are the forte of your handsome fella with the model looks. 🙂

    Moglee, not all MIL are bad. My MIL’s love for cats over-exceed the love my SO and I have for cats added together! It was also MIL who asked us to rehome Jackie. 😐

  8. Cat said

    Auntie_P – don’t need a bloke for the chores .. that’s when part-time help & contractors come in! They can do the same for less grief but only more money lah!

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