Who are These People???

March 22, 2006

A colleague paid a visit to my place on Monday evening after work.

Her first remark when she stepped in was, “Wah, your house is so clean, no smell at all!”

Puzzled, I asked “What do you mean?”

She said, “Well you have 5 cats. I was expecting cat hairs & shit all over. You know, we always read & hear in the news about how dirty & smelly a house can become when there are multiple pets & owners always get into trouble with the AVA.”

I was offended but I held my tongue, not wanting to be rude to my guest. Multiple pets don’t neccessarily equate to a dirty & smelly household. Its the owner’s responsibility to keep the household clean. It basically boils down to individual’s hygiene habit. What has it got to with the animals? Some apartments housing just humans are simply filthy. Duh!

Anyway I introduced her to Chaos. She was quite taken with them, especially with Alex & Junior. I wasn’t surprised. Alex & Junior are good-looking boys.

I was telling her about the issues I have at the moment, with Junior & Carma not getting along & me trying every imaginable method to encourage cat harmony at home. She ‘kindly’ offered to take Junior (I have no intention of giving up Junior in the first place!). Then she saw how boisterous he can be. Dashing about, biting & scratching any animated objects & humans.

And when she saw the battle scars I got from Junior in just over 2 weeks, she gave me a lecture on discipline.

“How you can put up with such nonsense. I will never allow anyone, not to mention an animal, to do this to me. If I were you, I will slap Junior. He needs disciplining. He needs to know who’s the boss. If you don’t teach them now, he will climb over your head!”


With alot of self control, I calmly replied “Well thank goodness, you’re not me then. Otherwise, poor Junior. And what makes you think I’m giving Junior to you?”

I gave an excuse that I got to clean the house & she’d be in my way. That got rid of her. Good riddance!

By the way, she is a mother of 3 kids. Her kids have my sympathy. One would have thought that as a mother, she would be more tolerant. Looks like I am wrong.

On a separate & happier note, Dim Sum & Junior have since become buddies. They have this exclusive hide-&-seek game which nobody can play except them. Not even Alex.


6 Responses to “Who are These People???”

  1. vegancat said

    Ask your colleague to make an appointment with me and I will show her real filth in apartments where the only inhabitants are …..homo sapiens!

  2. the letter b said

    right. potential animal abuser? regardless, she could by all means discipline her own children. but to do exact same to animals, she must be joking.

    really, her commenting about smells and wotnot is not only rude, but galling. she’d have been immediately shown to the door if she makes same comment to me.


  3. =^..^= said

    I had a similar conversation with someone when I found out he was disciplining his cat by yelling at it and smacking it.

    Many people don’t understand animals (and children for that matter)… and they don’t bother trying to. They assume the poor creatures know everything an adult human knows, and that they are capable of appreciating things the same way we do.

    For example, he expected the cat to know that sleeping behind the dusty book shelf would dirty the rest of the house.

    The good things is… he tried very hard to understand where I was coming from and said he would try other (less violent) methods.

    ~5-Cat Style

  4. CatDonna & Cats said

    Typical comments from a non-animal owner. I’m not surprised. People have the weirdest ideas.

  5. KXBC said

    These are the typical questions asked by people who have no pets:

    1. Do you let them run around the house? Ans: Of course lah. If I keep you locked up in a room 24 hours a day, don’t you think you will go crazy too. Duh.

    2. Where do they do their business? Ans: Litter box and yes, they bury their “gold”, making it almost odourless if you clean it regularly and yes, they are very clean animals. Much cleaner than dogs. And most humans.

    3. How come your place is still so clean? Ans: Because I like my house clean and I clean it weekly, pets or no pets.

    4. How come you are so worried about your cat when it is sick? Ans: That’s because it is my child. Won’t you be worried too if your child is sick?? Double duh.

  6. Cat said

    Interesting KXBC on your point 1. At one time, I actually wanted Dim Sum & Fudge to be adopted.

    A potential adopter (a newlywed couple) came & saw how boisterous the cats can be, especially kittens & how much they like to scratch – the furniture instead of the scratching post.

    They got worried (they have new expensive furniture) & so I told them to think carefully before they decide to adopt both cats.

    They called me the next day & asked if I would be ok be they put Dim Sum & Fudge in a cage during the day & let them out only when the couples comes home at night.

    I asked them if it would be ok if I put them in a cage for 12 hours at a go. If their answer is no, then so is mine.


    That’s when I decided to keep both cats with me for good.

    Enough is enough.

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