Junior’s First Bath

March 26, 2006

This morning Junior had his first (long overdued) bath since he joined the Chaos.

I was prepared for the worst. So I had on an old long-sleeved T-shirt, trimmed his nails, before I carried him into the bathroom.

Turns out my fears were unfounded. Junior takes to bath like a duck to water. Unusual. When I poured the first scoop of warm water on him, I half expected him to whine or jump or both but he purred instead.

It was as if he knows what was expected of him in a bath. He stepped into his little green tub, let me soap him & rinse him, all within 5 minutes, without any fuss at all. The only time he got upset was when bathtime is over & had to be towelled dry.

I never had an easy bathtime with the Chaos until now. In fact, I gave up trying to bathe them. Now I look forward to our next bathtime. Meanwhile, he’s all fluffy & smells nice.


5 Responses to “Junior’s First Bath”

  1. vegancat said


  2. auntie p said

    Maybe Junior is really related to Sanju. Sanju was bathed within 15 mins of arrival at my home, bec he had LS in the carrier in the pet taxi. Either he’s very ok with bathing or he was too overwhelmed to react then.

  3. Cat said

    Vegancat – how to take pictures .. when I’m doing all these stuff solo, one hand hold him, another hand soap him. If only I have a third one huh?

    Just kidding. Will be posting some pictures of human bullied by cats .. they are horrific, I promise you. 😉

    AuntieP – I’m not surprised if they are half-brothers.

    Don’t know about Sanju but little Junior here is a little Speedy Gonzales, dashing all over the place.

    I get tired just watching him run & jump all over the flat….

  4. auntie p said

    Hehe…Junior sounds like a dashing blur of fun. Sanju wasn’t exactly the speedy gonzales (he was having flu and eye discharge anyway), but he quickly learnt to race uncle S from the kitchen to his bedroom.

  5. Mary said

    Hi cat, you are lucky. Whenever i bathe my babies, they will scream and squeal as if i am slaughtering them.

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