A Day in the Life of a Persian Dude

March 30, 2006

6am Wake the crazy cat lady up with soft gentle meowing. If she doesn’t wake up after 5 meows, sit on her belly & lightly scratch it. If she turns, be brutal. Sit on her face. That always does the trick. Heehee…

6.30am Demand for food, food food!!! The only way to get food quick & fast is to meow incessantly, weave in & out of her legs. If she still takes her time, scratch her legs. She’ll scream, but she’ll feed us. Sucker … The rest of you, watch & learn.

7am Follow the crazy cat lady into the bathroom. Walk round the toilet bowl. This is a ritual that must never be broken otherwise …. Actually I don’t know … Anyway, watch her shower. That never fail to spook her.

7.30am Ok, she’s out the door. Now for some cat fun. Dim Sum & Junior lets play high speed chase. Beauty, I know you’re too ‘atas’ for such childish play, but STOP BEING SUCH A WET BLANKET!!! All your growling is not gonna stop us from having fun, so stuff that attitude. Carma, join if you like, but no fighting please. I’m a lover not a fighter. Dim Sum run carefully now my dear, don’t want to hurt those sexy legs now, do we? *wink*

8am Nap with light snacking in between.

12pm Flirt, act sweet & cute with sexy Aunty Abby. She’s a hot momma. And watch Abby clean my castle. What more can a man ask for? Life is great. *shake legs* (If I can whistle, I would, at this point).

3pm More naps & more snacking in between.

6pm Soccer time. Junior you’re the defender. Beauty, you obviously goalkeeper lah! Dim Sum, will you be my ‘delicious’ cheerleader? *wink wink* Me, attack. Carma, sorry, you’re the only one on the opposing team (nobody said this is a fair game). Now play ball! Watch the pictures, aaargghh!!! & I dodge & I kick & …

7pm Did the I hear the crazy cat lady’s footsteps? She’s outside! Ok everyone, get in your positions at the door. Look cute. Maybe she won’t notice the broken picture frames (cross my eyes & hope ….)

7.01pm Ok ok, she may be crazy but she’s not stupid. Or blind. Hey, I’m a cat! Whatdaya expect? I need fun, I need exercise, I need to impress cute babes (yummilicious Dim Sum! Dim Sum!)

7.05pm Enough nagging, now feed me. Quick! Everyone, on the count of 3 – meow, weave, scratch. C’mon cats, how many times must I tell you, we’ve got to synchronise. SYN-CHRO-NISE! Haven’t you learn anything after watching me this morning? Do I have to do all the work around here? Good grief!

7.10pm Food. See, I told you so. She will cave in. She always does. So Dim Sum, how are gonna thank me? Uh, do I get to smell your butt? or maybe, get a nose rub after dinner? Surprise me.

7.30pm Gotta to do the poo-poo now. Hey crazy cat lady, a little privacy here please?!? Can you clean the litter after I’m done & not before?? Humans!!!

8pm Quality time with the crazy cat lady. Sit on her lap, kiss her & let her brush. Aaahhh … shiok-a-doo … Now now Dim Sum, curb your jealousy.

8.30pm Ok, there’s only so much the good cat can take. I need my space now. May be I’ll snooze, a little while.

10pm Hey Junior, wanna play catch the tail? Ouch! Stop it. What I meant was .. Ouch! Quit it you little twit! Catch Beauty’s tail, not mine. Hey! Stop biting my tail! Not funny anymore…

10.15pm That’s it. I’m sulking.

11pm Bedtime. Love this. Best part of the day. Sandwiched between the crazy cat lady & Dim Sum *hugs*

11.05 Lights out *snore*

Dim Sum: another sexual innuendo from that hairball, I’m biting his ear off ….


5 Responses to “A Day in the Life of a Persian Dude”

  1. cat_aunty said

    Dim Sum is boy or girl??

  2. Cat said

    Dim Sum’s a girl. She & Alex are an item.

  3. cat_aunty said

    oh oh thats ok then….alex is not neutered?

  4. Cat said

    he is … they are all except junior who is too young now … but he ADORES dim sum .. don’t know why … but sometimes she cannot ‘tahan’ him & whacks him .. poor fella

  5. Anonymous said

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