Lazy Sunday Afternoon

April 2, 2006

Finally Sunday! A day of rest.

Had a hectic week, working long hours both out of the office & home with little time for self. Alex, who’s big on attention, hugs & kisses, was obviously the most unhappy of all Chaos. On Thursday night, he made his feelings known:

Point taken Alex.

Back to today. Wet afternoon. The Chaos are keeping to themselves. This is too good to be true. So far so good. All quiet on this eastern front.

Beauty doing her rounds.

Meanwhile, Junior’s in a mood for some wrestling.

Junior versus The Pooh

Junior & Pooh move to the sofa

Ditch The Pooh cos here’s The Arm

The Arm in defeat

Pause to reflect

Beauty continues to pace the house


While Carma entertains herself


Carma finally succumbs to zzzzzs

Dim Sum remains zen throughout


6 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Afternoon”

  1. cat_aunty said

    Alex is so cute! DimSum always looks cross. Carma sniffing underwear ah? hehehe

  2. auntie p said

    JR has filled out quite a bit, hasn’t he? Has the other cats accepted him?

  3. Cat said

    oh yes .. he & dim sum are partners in crime & its usually either alex or i who is victim (depends who is closest to them).

    the one thing i am really happy is beauty is now integrating quite well with all. she used to keep to herself alot.

    but she’s sharing her space, food & waterbowl with the rest.

    it is BIG step for her. i am so so proud of her.

  4. Cat said

    cat_aunty – Carma’s sniffing my shower cap! Cheap thrills right? 🙂

  5. cat_aunty said

    Hahaha….cats love their owner’s clothing! I hate to admit this, but Spencer falls asleep on my clothes if I leave them on the bed!

  6. vegancat said

    Never a dull moment…
    Depression is on the rise…
    Suicides are on the rise…
    What’s the cause?
    A sense of loneliness
    A sense of purposeless

    With cats..never a dull moment…
    Better than prozac

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