The Makings of Future Hoois

April 2, 2006

Thought this would be a quiet Sunday. Thought I could shut myself from all the bad news in the world for just 1 day. And I had to surf the net & checked MSN Cat Forum. The first headline I saw is Abused kitten at MacDonald in Sengkang.

A group of sick kids decided to experiment if a kitten is capable of feeling pain & therefore splashed a cup of hot coffee at it. Although the boys ran off, the principal was duly informed & hopefully he does something about it.

Thankfully this kitten remains unscarthed & is now up for adoption.
I don’t care about the fate of these kids come tomorrow in school. But I do care about what they are capable of becoming when they grow up.

In psychology, there are three major personality traits (MacDonald Triad) in children that are said to be warning signs for the tendency to become a serial killer.

1. Fire starting, invariably just for the thrill of destroying things.

2. Cruelty to animals (related to “zoosadism“). Most children can be cruel to animals, such as pulling the legs off of spiders, but future serial killers often kill larger animals, like dogs and cats, and frequently for their solitary enjoyment rather than to impress peers.

3. Bedwetting beyond the age when children normally grow out of such behavior.

However I should add that the Triad has been called into question by researchers. They argue that children and teenagers set fires or harm animals for many reasons (boredom, imitation of adult punishment of household pets, exploration of a “tough guy” identity, or even feelings of frustration). Therefore it is difficult to assess if these variables are in fact relevant to serial murder etiology and, if so, how precisely they matter.

Say what you want, in my books when a child tortures or kills an animal, he/she did not just do something wrong, but he/she is sick in the head. That child needs help. Period.


15 Responses to “The Makings of Future Hoois”

  1. purrsNswipes said

    Hey Cat,
    This is so well-written, you should send it as a letter to the local press. Seriously. We need to see new names and hear different voices speak up for our non-human brethren.


  2. KXBC said

    Is there something wrong with kids nowadays? I hope they get caned big time back in school and at home (I wish) for cruelty to animals. And hopefully be sent to Boy’s Town or a Girl’s home for an extended period of time. Let them feel the pain the poor kitty feels when the coffe was poured over her.


  3. Cat said

    PurrsNswipes – thanks. i was just voicing out my anger on my blog. didn’t think of posting it in the press.

    kxbc – i believe its the exposure these kids get. tv, movies & japanese cartoons – which contains adult content & violence. all these + peer pressure sometimes makes the kids do stupid things.

    but these kids are really really dumb – to commit heinous acts in their school uniforms.

    How much more duh is that??

  4. bluemistz said


    Sometimes, I do not know what is humanity anymore…

    Kids, who are supposed to be innocent little beings are now abusing helpless kittens. WHat is happening to the world?

  5. the letter b said

    i’ve always thought it begins with the parents. and they are the ones who ought to be spayed/neutered in the first place.

    anti-human, moi?

  6. purrsNswipes said

    Heh, I know, but all the same, this really ought to be sent in to the papers – it’s terrible to read about this case, esp so soon after the Hooi case.

    Edit it a bit for mass-consumption, why don’t you? =D


  7. KXBC said

    cat – Actually I don’t think it’s the programs kids watch nowadays. It’s the parents not teaching them correct values. Not sure if you had read last Sat’s Lifestyle whereby one of the reporters wrote about the “violent” cartoons his little boy watches. And when he compared these “violent” cartoons to the ones we used to watch, he found our cartoons “violent” as well. Remember the Road Runner always killing the coyote, Elmer Fuud shooting Bugs Bunny? Seems pretty violent to me but I did not grow up abusing animals.

    So I probably agree with what letter b wrote about parents not doing their job with their kids at all.

  8. Cat said

    kxbc – The cartoons back in our days are miles apart from the animes the kids are watching now.

    True, in every episode, the coyote came up with ways to get rid of the road runner but the road runner always bounced back and the coyote always ended up looking like the fool. The moral of the story is if you try to hurt someone, you’ll only end up getting hurt yourself.

    But the animes these days are “in-your-face” kind of violence – some of them contains the killing in full glory, no bars hold. What can anyone possibly learn from watching such films – that killing can be thrilling, it can be sexy or macho. It is adult content in cartoon form & children are watching them because no one says they can’t.

    You are right. Parents do play a big role influencing their children. I firmly believe they are primarily responsible for their kids’ behaviour – not the school, not society. But most parents are not around most part of the day, leaving their children to maids, doting grandparents or friends. If kid mixes with good company, lucky him. If he hangs with the vice, well, we’re all familiar with that story & how it ends.

    I remember Jackie Kennedy Onassis once said “if you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”

    Sadly, most people don’t realise this.

  9. Victor Tabbycat said

    Parents need to pay more attention to what their kids are doing, and what they watch on TV, in movies, and on the web. Kids like this are the result of a combination of wrong inputs and there may be something wrong with their consciences if they don’t think twice about doing something so awful. In America, some parents seem to expect the government and schools to teach their kids what’s right or prevent them from doing wrong, while the parents set a bad example. I’ve seen 5-year olds who would go right along with what they did to that kitten. My son has “humane education” as a program in school for 4th and 5th grade (9-11 year olds) and it’s great! They visit the local animal shelter to learn about the pet over-population problem. In class, they talk about responsible pet ownership and they learn to respect animals. It may not be math or science, but I think it’s an important unit.

  10. Cat said

    Victor Tabby – well, I never thought parents in America are like that! I thought this is a Singapore thing!

    Likewise, many parents in Singapore expect the government & schools to teach their children right from wrong. Sure, the schools are suppose to educate but its always the parents’ job to set the right examples, teach the right moral values.

    By the way, I’m linking your blog to mine 😉

  11. Victor Tabbycat said

    Thanks, Cat. My blog is cute kitty pictures and stories, not usually deep opinions social :-).
    If this incident happened in America, there would be people asking where that kitten’s owner was, and if it’s a stray, why didn’t the county shelter pick it up? They’d also want to know why the kids were unsupervised and why the restaurant sold them coffee. Right, the restaurant is to blame for selling hot drinks to stupid kids near a kitten the shelter failed to pick up in time to protect it. The blame game gets really sick, with no one taking responsibility, and then the lawyers write stupid warnings to protect companies, like marking coffee cups, “Caution: Contents may be hot!” This is much too common here. Too many people sit around waiting for the government to take care of them.
    Oh, and I think you should send your letter to the papers, too. It might wake a few people up.

  12. Anonymous said

    Hi, has this kitten been adopted? Please email me Thanks!

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