New Relationship

April 8, 2006

Is this the beginning of an affair?

Be careful Alex, don’t want to upset Dim Sum now, do we?

Alex likes her, not with the same degree of ga-ga as he has with Dim Sum but it is obvious that he’s fond of her. So Carma now has a friend in the house.

Wish I could say the same for her relationship with Junior which unfortunately is still strained. Never a day will go by without at least one fight. And yes, Junior still pees everytime he fights Carma & to make things worse, he now screams like a girl when they fight which usually send the rest of Chaos into hiding & I dropping whatever I was doing at that time to mediate. But individually, they get along great with the rest.

Hopefully this feud will end soon. I’m running out of vinegar.


8 Responses to “New Relationship”

  1. the letter b said

    Alex’s spreading his mojo eh? with the exception of Beauty 😀

  2. cat_aunty said

    Aiyoh, Alex you two timing cade…Why vinegar?

  3. Cat said

    Vinegar gets rid of the smell of urine.

  4. Cat said

    Add vinegar to water & detergent & clean the area.

    That’s how to prevent kittens from urinating in places they are not supposed to.

    If you use just water & detergent, the smell of ammonia remains & kittens will return to the same spot to pee.

  5. cottontail said

    Glad to see Carma accepting Alex. Hope all your cats can live in harmony soon… like what I wish for all my rabbits at home. They do actually… but in 2 groups currently.

    Btw, for me, I use 1 part water and 1 part vinegar to remove urine smell. Not necessary to add detergent.


  6. Cat said

    Auntie_P, Alex is definitely a SNAC! He loves his women but not as much as he loves being groomed by a woman!!

    Maggie of Cat Whisperer has nothing but praise for Alex -“Ooh, Alex so kwai, Alex so manja, Alex is never difficult”.

    Yeah right.

  7. Cat said

    Cottontail – thanks for the tip. Save my $$ on the detergent!

    Auntie_P – where can I get the $2 Daiso spray?

  8. auntie p said

    Cat – that spray is from Daiso located at IMM. Daiso is the name of the shop where everything costs $2. Go there and go crazy…shopping, that is. 😛 Cats toys, cat grooming brushes, small leash, small bag of cat litter, etc. available at $2 too.

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