A Kind Deed That Went Wrong

April 12, 2006

This was brought to my attention by Blissful-Feline in MSN Singapore Cat Forum.

2 ladies found a dog in the drain yesterday. With good intention, they picked the dog up. The dog struggled free & dashed across a busy road. The next thing they heard was a loud cry. The dog was knocked down. Being a heavy traffic road (Eunos Crescent), the poor dog was run over & over by the oncoming cars.

By the time Blissful-Feline got to the scene, the poor dog was crushed beyond recognition. She can only say a silent a prayer for the poor soul. The 2 ladies confirmed the dog had an owner as it wore a collar.

I can only hope the dog died instantaneously when the first car knocked him down.

The story of this poor dog we will never know. It would have been terribly sad if this dog was abandoned before its tragic death.

Why those cars didn’t pull over or slow down to change lane to avoid the carcass, is something I cannot understand. Yes, it is a busy road, still … If that had been a man, will those cars be running over & over him? Just because a dog is an animal does not make its life less valuable than ours.


12 Responses to “A Kind Deed That Went Wrong”

  1. Celeste Lock said

    I cannot understand either. This is sad. = (

  2. Mary said

    Yes it’s sad but why didn’t the two ladies removed the ‘injured/dead’ dog when he was hit the 1st time. Surely there must be traffic lights at that junction.

  3. vegancat said

    Dear Mary, this is not the time to “blame”. It takes alot of selflessness to see a dog panicking in the drain, and going down to help at the risk of being bitten by a nervous dog?
    If these ladies had mindlessly rush to pick up the injured (most likely instant death), might there not be three tragedies instead of just one? To pick up a dead mangled body is not “easy” especially when one is in a terrible state of shock.

  4. vegancat said

    Let’s forget about “what if” “if only”…
    Let’s go on appealing for stricter rules on adoption of pets, stricter rules on abandonment, stop the sale of pets, stop the breeding of pets.
    When the buying stop, perhaps suffering such as this will also stop.
    In the course of my work, I have seen so many dogs being confined to small areas of the the flats because they “anyhow pee”. The novelty of owning a “new” object has worn off, and owners are not bothered to be responsible in seeking help such as obedience class, sterilization,etc.

  5. Cat said

    Vegancat is right. This is not the time to ask ‘who’s fault this is’ but ‘what can we learn from this & what can we do about it’

    The sad reality is there will always people who want only a pedigree & they will buy either through the right channels or the black market. I’d rather they buy them through the right channels.

    I feel this can be tackled through:

    1) Enforcing stricter punishments on irresponsible pet ownerships

    2) Reinforcing the responsible pet ownership message.

    3) Enforcing stricter rules on pet shops & breeders who sells animals.

    4) AVA’s commitment to do regular unannounced checks on these sellers.

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  7. CatDonna & Cats said

    As a driver, and someone who has driven along the Eunos area, I can say that it’s very difficult on a high-traffic road to slow down or change lanes at such short notice without causing a severe jam or worse, threatening the safety of motorists.

    Even if a motorist saw the dog’s corpse, sometimes it’s too late and too dangerous to react. This sounds cruel, but the dog’s already dead. At times like these, it’s better to keep going than try to avoid the obstacle, and possibly cause something more tragic.

    The two ladies did the best they could. Some things are just meant to be.

  8. Zeus said

    I am not familiar with the Eunos Crescent as I from Houston, Texas, but it is a shame that this happened. It always breaks my human pet’s heart to hear stories like this, and it’s probably the main reason why she keeps us from heading to Outside.

  9. Anita said

    So sad for that to of had happen, not just for the animal but for them ladies as well

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