May 22, 2006

No, I’m not missing, kidnapped or fallen off the face of the earth. When I first stopped, I wanted to take time off, focus on my work. Then holidays came & left. After that, I just got lazy. Yes, I realise that I need to get out of my comfortable hibernation & communicate with the world … eventually. So here it goes.

I thought it would be fitting that I update the lives of the Chaos.

Alex. Just got his teeth fixed a couple of weeks back. He had bad gums, bad breath, and bad teeth since the day he was rescued off the streets. Alex is in Stage 2 FIV & gingivitis is a common symptom. Ideally his teeth cleaning should have been done months ago, but teeth cleaning is very expensive. So I sat on it. And sat on it some more. Until one day one very fine day in April when the government decided to give each of its citizens a little red packet. Thanks to the PAP, Alex finally got his teeth fixed.

Big Brother watching over Chaos πŸ™‚

Alex has really stepped up to become the leader of Chaos. He is the big brother, protector of the smaller cats against the big, bad but beautiful Beauty.

It is interesting to see how he has grown & refuses to take any crap from her. He reminds me of Petruchio.

Beauty. Now tamed, she has developed good negotiating skills. The deal she struck is, I let her jump out to the corridor to lie in the sun. She’d jump right back in everytime she hears footsteps or someone opening the door/gate. She’s still wary of outsiders, so that’s good. What’s no good are the birds on the ledge. So she usually gets her 10 mins of freedom, supervised by me from the window before I haul her in. This may seem cruel to some but I’d rather have this arrangement than to have her jumping after a birdie off the ledge.

First out the window, on the ledge …

… then freedom in the sun

Carma. Pretty & affectionate Carma. Gets along great with Alex. She tries to get along with Beauty, Dim Sum & Junior which usually ends up in scuffles between with the cats. Nothing major. I think she wants to make friends but the rest just wouldn’t have it. Its going to take alot of time. I’m happy that she has at least 1 friend in the house.

Apart from Alex’s company, Carma’s pretty much a solo act for now

Dim Sum. Officially the smallest cat in the house now. Still petite, waif-like, anorexic-looking but eats like a bottomless pit (think Ally McBeal). I envy her. I wish I can eat like her & be as thin as her. For some reason unknown to all & only to herself, she now distances herself from everyone. Doesn’t play anymore, just prefer to sleep. When Alex & Junior engages her in play, they got nasty swipes from her. Wonder what’s wrong with her …. depressed? But she’s eating. Menopause? Do cats get that???

Dim Sum’s self-imposed exile to the bathroom

Sanji Junior. Growing up to be a handsome ginger (this boy will break a few girlie kitties’ heart). Got neutered a couple weeks back. Don’t think Junior realises he’s missing an element (how can he miss it when he never used it?). A very hyper, vocal & loving teenager& a sprinter. Adores Alex, follows him like a shadow. He’s beginning to stand up to Beauty & Carma, make his mark in the house. Now I’ve got to stop mothering him.

Taking a breather before …

continuing play with Big Brother Alex


12 Responses to “Wassup”

  1. Victor Tabbycat said

    Could Dim Sum be sick? My people had a small female who ate lots and stayed small, then they realized she had tumors in her tummy. She had a good home and lots of love for the rest of her days.

  2. kuro.shiro.neko said

    oi, the nekos missed you!

  3. calsifer said

    Good to see you back online!

    Keep a watch out for Dim Sum, will ya? Deviations aren’t usually good signs.


  4. Cat said

    Thanks all! Good to back πŸ™‚

    Call me a ‘kan cheong’ mama but I am worried. Made an appt for her to see the vet in Companion. It may be nothing but at least I’d feel better.

  5. calsifer said

    ‘Kan Cheong’ is good and justifiable in this case. CAS is a good choice, the girl’s going to be in very good hands. =)

    Hope all goes well for Dim Sum.

  6. cat_aunty said

    Welcome back Chaos!

  7. Zeus said

    I had found your weblog before, and I am so glad you updated it! Your felines are beautiful, and I look forward to finding out more about them as time goes on!

    Of course, Sanji Jr. is my personal favorite since he is a Gorgeous Ginger! Everyone knows Ginger is best!

  8. vegancat said

    Glad the “blog constipation” has cleared and the blog-bowel is moving again.

  9. the letter b said

    name/image comes to mind upon reading the words “waif-like” about Dim Sum – Kate Moss.

    nearly put my name up there.


  10. Anonymous said


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