Ease into the Weekend with Scream

May 26, 2006

Fact or fiction? 😉

Edvard Munch and his cat were strolling through the red light district one evening, when the cat was propositioned by two felines of the night. The bright lights and the saucy sex kittens were too much for him, and he ran away screaming down the street. The look on the cat’s face haunted Munch for years and found its way into one of his most famous paintings.


5 Responses to “Ease into the Weekend with Scream”

  1. Zeus said

    Why did you post the second picture? The first one is much better!

  2. Feline Oligarchy said

    Don’t you find it rather specist that Munch had to present that 2nd picture to the world while the 1st remained hidden until now? Hrrrmmph.

  3. M said

    hmm…the first picture reminds me of my cats when i pull out the cat carrier and say “it is time for your vet appointment”

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