I Know I’m My Mother’s Daugther When …

May 28, 2006

1) My terms of endearment for Chaos are “boy ah, boy” & “darling girl ah” & when they drive me nuts “see gin nah!!” (I can’t translate).

2) I develop a systematic order of washing, dusting, cleaning & scrubbing.

3) The toilet roll paper has to face this direction & the other is JUST WRONG.

4) Gets uncomfortable when someone else cooks in my kitchen other than myself (even if she is my mother).

5) Gets nervous when guests don’t use the coasters & leave water rings on the table. Its there, USE IT!

6) I start swopping recipes with women I’ve never met in the marketplace but we just happened to be buying from spinach from the same vegetable stall …..


4 Responses to “I Know I’m My Mother’s Daugther When …”

  1. M said

    ha,ha. that’s good.

    i know that i am like my mother when i start having long conversations with check-out ladies at the market.
    i tell them the story of my life while they ring up my groceries.
    (and i think, wait mom used to do this when we were kids and it embarrassed me!)

  2. Zeus said

    This is so true. Our human pet has been thinking the same thing lately as she is watching over two young girls who needed help with a place to stay for the time being. She is saying things she swore she would never say and doing things she swore she would never do. It’s really odd…

  3. calsifer said

    Eh, let me try…

    “see gin nah!!”
    – Hokkien phrase exasperated parents and guardians use to express frustrations at their kids/wards, when all else fail. EG a kid skips out of range of a paddle and punishment can’t be administered.
    – direct translation: dead (see) kids (gin nah)
    – closest meaning: cursed/damn kids!

  4. Victor Tabbycat said

    Mom loved reading your examples, then scrolling to the pictor. Purrfect choice. She says it’s destiny… we come to understand those traits that drove us nuts when we were kids.

    Pursonally, I think it’s kids that drive Moms nuts. But I’ve only been observing this about 9 months.

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