Dim Sum

June 3, 2006

Well, I finally took Dim Sum to the vet after countless rounds of procrastination. This morning Dim Sum started walking unsteadily and her hind legs have lost their strength. I panicked but managed to an appointment at the vet’s.

It turns out Dim Sum has FIP too but unlike Fudge’s, hers is dry. We don’t know how long she has the virus for. My guess is, when she was pregnant with Fudge or even before that, which calculates to roughly 8 months. This also means she may not have much time left.

Having been through the FIP ordeal once, I am mentally ready for the challenges that lies ahead. There is no cure and the only thing I can do is to ensure that she lives as comfortably as possible and surrounded by her loved ones.

And that, she shall have.


8 Responses to “Dim Sum”

  1. vegancat said

    Although the news is sad but I am happy that Dim Sum has “found” you. You have given Dim Sum and Fudge what we all want…LOVE…the highest form that comes without conditions. In fact Dim Sum is giving “trouble” for that love.

  2. Zeus said

    My human pet had never heard of FIP, and thanks to this, she read up on it so she could be in the know. We’re so very saddened by the news that Dim Sum has this, but like vegancat said, she has you and your love which is more than most kitties ever get. We will say some purrayers for Dim Sum and you for the days ahead.

  3. the letter b said

    i’m at a loss of words now, Cat, knowing how affectionate Dim Sum is.

  4. =^..^= said

    Dear Cat, I am so sorry. I know how dearly you love all your cats. Dim Sum has led a very happy and comfy life with you. I hope you’ll bear a little comfort in knowing that.

    ~5-Cat Style

  5. M said

    I am sorry to hear about Dim Sum! She is lucky to have you as her Mommy. I am sure that all of the love that you and the other kitties give her will make every day that she is with you, a happy one.

  6. Moglee said

    I am sure Dim Sum sees you as someone very special too. Take care.

  7. auntie p said

    Sorry to hear that Cat. I have known a case of a FIP cat to continue living for 2-3 years after diagnosis, aided with health supplements.

    Hope Dim Sum won’t feel too lonely being separated, but I guess she’ll probably be sleeping most of the day.

  8. Cat said

    Wow! That’s rare. Usually by the time it is discovered, it is already quite severe. At least the cat has 2 more years of love.

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