Only Palliative Not Curative

June 7, 2006

Last weekend when Dim Sum was diagnosed with FIP, she cannot stand up straight. When she does try to stand up, her legs would be heading for four different directions. Her head is hung very low and moving side to side. Her pupils were dilated.

Needless to say, I was sad. I was sad to see her reduce from a feminine, elegant feline to this rabid-like druggy. At the sametime, I was worried for the imminent weeks and months to come. How do I take care of her? Does she require special attention? What is going to happen when all her motor skills go down-the-hill? Can I manage all of this by myself?

Previously with Fudge, I was very emotional and unprepared. I did everything within my ability to make sure Fudge got the best, to a point where I was physically and emotionally drained. In the end, Fudge still died.

On hindsight, I was so caught up in trying make things right that I can’t see the big picture – that Fudge is dying from a incurable fatal disease, not a flu. What she needed from me was love, hugs, comfort & quality time together and not to be constantly syringed with medication, drugged out & needless trips to the vet to get poked at on the exam table.

This time, I remind myself not repeat the same mistake. I want to give Dim Sum the quality of life. I talked to the vet again on Sunday & he decided to put her on the prescription of Prednisolone. It is steroid but it seems to work for now.

Yesterday, Dim Sum is able to walk around the house although a little unsteadily, she managed to use the litterbox without falling over, her appetite improved & her fever subsided. She was even scolding Carma for standing in front of her! By the way, Carma is getting along with Junior now. They are cool. But She still has a way to go with Dim Sum. All good signs.

The vet stressed that this is only a palliative treatment not curative. He can’t promise how long the drug is going to work for her and she will succumb to the disease eventually. Sure, but it is better than nothing. The palliative treatment gives her the chance to have a few good, if not great turns before it gets bad. And when she finally succumbs, I will decide on the options available.

Meanwhile, we enjoy what we can.


5 Responses to “Only Palliative Not Curative”

  1. Celeste Lock said

    Cat, I feel so sad for Dim Sum. I wish I could help. Must be painful for you to have to go through this twice, with mother and child. I’ll keep Dim Sum in my prayers and pray that she stay strong. May she be happy and pain-free until the day she is due for Rainbow Bridge to meet Fudge.


  2. M said

    Oh. Your post reminds me of my cat Pumpkin last year!

    Now is the time to focus completely on LOVING Dim Sum!

    The LOVE you have with her now will be so clear, full, powerful. In the last few days of Pumpkin’s life, I finally knew our time was ending. I just soaked in the moments we had together. I just absorbed every moment so that I could remember her forever.

    I hope you, Dim Sum and the rest of the Cat family have a blessed time together before it is her time to move on to another place.

  3. Mini-Meow said

    Cat, some cats do pull through the deadly FIP.

    Allan was diagnosed with FIP 2 years ago. He was throwing up fluid stained with blood, refusing to eat and couldn’t stand up at all. After spending close to a month at the vet’s where he received medication and daily visits from us, he miraculously recovered, and is now robust, healthy and I guess, very thankful that he made it through.

    Spend quality time with Dim Sum and also give her ample time to rest and recuperate. There might be a chance, do not give up hope.

    Get well soon, Dim Sum.

  4. Cat said

    Thanks Mini-Meow. You have just help me put life back in perspective.

    Life does leave little surprises for us, don’t they? We don’t know how events are going to turn out. No point fretting over it.

    Like you said, FIP which every vet & book said is fatal & fast, yet your beloved kitty is still alive after 2 years!

    As much as I am concerned about Dim Sum, I still have the rest of Chaos to take care of. It would be tragic if they are neglected because of her.

    What is important is the quality time we spend with our loved ones.

  5. Cat said

    BTW Mini-Meow, what treatment did Allan receive from the vet?

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