Tender Moments

June 8, 2006

Alex must have slipped into the room when I wasn’t looking. I was pleasantly surprised to find him on my/Dim Sum’s bed.


6 Responses to “Tender Moments”

  1. Kootoo and M&M said

    I think Alex knows that Dim Sum is not well, and is there to offer some comfort … I hope Dim Sum is not in pain or discomfort …

  2. vegancat said

    Alex has more compassion than many “intelligent” homo-sapiens 🙂

  3. cat_aunty said

    Awww. But Alex has always has a soft spot for DimSum right?

  4. Moglee said

    The cats know…they know…when its time. I learnt that from my cat.

    It is such a gloomy friday and the weather weeps as well….

  5. geraldine said

    May such tender and heartwarming moments give you the strength & courage to carry on … there is sunshine, after the rain.

  6. kuro.shiro.neko said

    dear chaos, ksn household sends their love to Dim Sum and you.

    Hugs and hisses..

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