Cats a bargain at Humane Society

June 10, 2006

The Humane Society of Utah resorts to innovative tactics to attract potential adopters. Their motivation may be good but as a cat lover, I am offended by their ‘used-car salesmen’ methods to get cats ‘out-the-door’. Cats are not merchandise!

Deseret Morning News,
Friday, June 09, 2006

The Humane Society of Utah is participating in National Adopt-a-Cat Month by offering all of its kittens (3 months and younger) at a special rate of two for $70.

Normally the price is $70 for an individual kitten. This price will still apply if only one animal is adopted, but the “two-fur-one” bargain is an incentive for the public so the shelter can find good homes for more kittens.

“We’re flooded with the new 2006 models,” said HSU Executive Director Gene Baierschmidt, “and we want to clear them out as fast as we can, because we’re continually getting new supplies from the manufacturers.”

He said two kittens are twice the fun, make great company for each other and, with their compact, sporty size, take up very little space.

The Humane Society is also offering fantastic deals on its older models — only $25 each for adult cats four months or older. “Since we’re getting so many new minicats right now, we’d like to move out the full-size models as well,” Baierschmidt said. For this low price, adopters can choose from a wide variety of colors and body styles to get loving, beautiful friends-for-life who are already spayed or neutered and have their first immunizations and also happen to be the most popular pet in America.

Late spring and early summer are some of the busiest times for animal shelters, which means that millions of loving cats and kittens are looking for good homes. During June stop by the Humane Society’s facility at 4242 S. 300 West to save a bundle — not only a bundle of money, but the lives of some bundles of furry love.

“These are the hottest feline deals in town,” said Baierschmidt. “They come fully equipped with all the latest accessories, including a cardboard carrier and a bag of food. Their motors are guaranteed to purr at full power with no start-up time. Whiskers and soft paws are standard equipment on all models.”

Adoptions are open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday and noon to 4 p.m., Sunday. For more information, call the Society at 261-2919.


5 Responses to “Cats a bargain at Humane Society”

  1. M said


    I know a privately funded cat shelter where it is considered a privilege to adopt a cat. You fill out applications and you give references which ARE checked!

    Cats are living beings and deserve a home where the new “owners” understand the commitment of pet ownership.

    The problem is there are WAY more cats than there are responsible people in this world!

    PS One good aspect of this ad: they are encouraging people to adopt two kitties. Even though cats may seem solitary, they really do need another cat to keep them company!

  2. auntie p said

    I agree. Cats are living things and should not be treated like merchandise.

    I am particularly concerned about the “discounted adoption fee of $25 for older models promotion”. If adopters are so concerned about a saving of $50 on the adoption fee, I don’t think they should adopt the pet. Just like S’poreans should not rush to have babies just because of some child incentives from the govt.

  3. M said

    Good Point, Auntie P!

    If the discounted price is the new owner’s motivation for adopting, will they have enough money to take care of the kitty once they adopt it?

  4. Feline Oligarchy said

    It’s a difficult call. Everything everyone is objecting to is quite true. On the other hand, there are lots of us (feline oligarchy included) who are responsible toward our feline companions but who consistently end up supporting more than we had intended because circumstances arise. While cats certainly are not merchandise, if this campaign succeeds in catching the attention of humans who then adopt an older cat or two kittens NOT simply because of the discount but because the campaign reached them in a way that moved them to action (or extra action), then I’m willing to overlook the language used. Screening adopters is a critical component! Finding good homes for more felines is the objective. And if humor/satire can facilitate this, I’m willing to stifle my sensitivities a bit.

  5. auntie p said

    Feline Oli: I can understand where you’re coming from. Yes, good screening is crucial.

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