Gorgeous Cat Stuff

June 24, 2006

Came across this oneline shop Tails by the Lake. They carry beautiful stuff for our cats & theowners too.

Here are my favourites (almost whipped out my credit card ….)

Cat Bed “Buddhabag”

Speciality Cat Bowls. Comes in various designs

Cat House “Kitty’s Country Cottage”

Cat Collars “Asian Theme”

Cat Collars – “Swarovski range”

The ultimate:

Cat Travel “Stroller”


8 Responses to “Gorgeous Cat Stuff”

  1. KXBC said

    “Oh! Baby! Must be a cute one.”

    [Stranger lifts up flap.]

    Swipe swipe…bloody hand…Cat is smug and sitting pretty in the pram. 🙂

  2. M said

    a kitty cat stroller…that is too funny!

    i would love to take my cats for a walk. i could imagine the other moms coming over to look at my “baby” and being shocked when my baby purrs or hisses…

  3. Anonymous said

    I have seen a malay lady with a cat in a stroller.

  4. Zeus said

    All of the items you showed made me want to take out my credit card…and I don’t even have one! (Only check cards for me!) I’m going to have to go back to the store, and see about some collars or some specialty bowls. Those looked too cute!

    -Marina, Zeus’ human pet

  5. auntie p said

    I think San (another cat blogger) would love the cat stroller. She is already using a baby stroller for her amigo Bujang, who talks walks on a leash. 🙂

  6. san said

    Ahh a cat stroller. Actually I got one for them. the stroller was to sit two cats. It has a green and red covered part and the uncovered part has green netting. Only Bujang would sit quietly and take in the air. 🙂 Akira hides and shivers in the covered section and Toro claws to be let out..hahaha. So now I use the base only because it is low and put the hard carrier on it. Now Toro uses the green and red carrier to sleep in. :))

  7. san said

    Oh yah. I actually bought the red collar with the white stones also. 🙂 Bujang looks nice in it and I have got a cat bed – pet snugs. Bujang sleeps in it all night. Its his fav sleeping place after the basket at the cat gym. So he doesn’t sleep on me at night.

  8. Cat said

    My favs are the Asian theme collars & the Buddhabed. Very tempted to buy them.

    Saw the troller once in a petshop along River Valley, thought it was funny, until I saw THIS.

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