Hooi Strikes Again

June 28, 2006

If you ask me, jailing Hooi is a waste of taxpayers’ money. He is unrepentent. Out of jail for 2 months and he’s back to torturing kittens again. He was arrested again yesterday for torturing a kitten so badly that it had to be put down.

When will the authorities acknowledge that animal abusers are pathological & they are as dangerous as a child abuser, a rapist, a murderer. Hooi is a menace to society.

Obviously jail is not the solution. But what is? Institutionalise him, I say. He belongs in a strait-jacket locked up in mental home for a long long time. But seriously, this man needs counselling & medication. He needs to be put under psychological observation. He needs to be electronically tagged when released.

I said this before & I say it again, today he kills a cat. What about tomorrow? A kid, a woman, an elderly? His options are open if he is allowed to roam freely amongst us again. And giving him a light sentence again will be as good as endorsing him to do more evil in the future.

Hopefully the Community Court mets out a stronger punishment this time. It is not just for David Hooi but it is to send out a clear & strong signal to all animal abusers (Old Airport Road comes to mind) & would-be ones that they should continue to do the sick deeds they do to animals, they will not get away with it, lightly. We are watching them.


4 Responses to “Hooi Strikes Again”

  1. M said

    oh, i just can’t hardly stand to think of the animal abuse problem.

    people need to understand that animals are precious. they are not possessions, they do not exist just to be our food or our entertainment. and if some sick psycho is hurting cats, he should be punished and put away for life.

    some days, the world just seems so dark and full of violence.

    thank you for speaking up on behalf of the cats!

  2. Victor Tabbycat said

    That man is a monster. Psychopathic tendancies and anger management issues barely describe the horror of what he has done – TWICE!

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