Everyday, our community cats live a vul…

June 30, 2006

Everyday, our community cats

live a vulnerable life, as long as abusers like David Hooi & the S.O.B. of Old Airport Road (the elusive anonymous abuser) unremain at large.

The recent kitten that was killed by David Hooi

Another victim of the Old Airport Road abuser

Another abuse story

But, there is a bigger problem besides catching the abusers. And that is, dealing with the government authority – AVA & the town councils.

13,000 cats are killed each year by the AVA “in their efforts to keep the neighourhood clean & promote harmonious living”. This works out to approximately 35 cats (healthy, sick, young & old) are rounded up every day to be culled.

Dawn from the Cat Welfare Society made a poignant point in her blog entry “An even bigger crime than abuse” – while actions of the likes of Hooi cannot be condoned, neither should culling.

But how do we make the authorities (AVA, town councils & the management committees) understand that culling is NOT the solution to control the stray cat population? TNR is. How do we make them and the public understand the benefits TNR brings to the cats & the community?

In August 1998, AVA started the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme in its efforts to find humane and effective ways to control the stray cat population in housing estates. The aim is to encourage dedicated and committed volunteer animal caregivers to work with town councils to control the cat population over the long-term through sterilisation and responsible management of the cats. There were 140 areas registered on the scheme involving all the town councils.

Unfortunately when the SARS epidemic hit Singapore in 2003, there was an island-wide panic. The scheme stopped & the culling began again. Now how convince we get the authorities that the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme worked & it should be re-instated?

Also, equally important, how do we educate and convince the public of the importance of responsible pet ownership?

Lastly how do we encourage people to stand up to bullies like Hooi & the S.O.B. & report them so that these bullies know they can’t get away with murder? And that we, the society, are watching their every move?

Until we find answers to these questions, this is a picture of the statue dedicated to our beautiful kucintas (Singapore cats) that die undeservingly each & every day.

Kucintas under the Cavenagh Bridge


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