Chaos is Back to 5

July 1, 2006

Dawa’s Flickr
Chaos welcome their newest addition, Dawa.

She is a gorgeous kitten with shiny black coat. It is obvious she is abandoned as she has the sweetest disposition of all Chaos & very obedient. She is about 7 months old, about the age of Junior. So far, they’re getting along famously, chasing each other up & down the highway of Chaos House, driving Beauty literally out the window.

Following the lead of Junior, she accepts free lick baths from Alex & hisses at Carma.



5 Responses to “Chaos is Back to 5”

  1. =^..^= said

    Hi Cat! Congratulations on your latest addition! Dawa is so pretty!

    I haven’t had a computer at home for the longest time but I can finally start getting active online again thanks to 5-Cs becoming my roomie once more!

    So, Welcome Dawa, Welcome 5-Cat!!!


    ~The Flyer

  2. the letter b said

    my, what a beautiful cat 🙂 hullo Dawa! *waves*

  3. Zeus said

    Does her name mean anything? It sounds very pretty!

    She is simply gorgeous. How could such a cute, little thing ever be responsible for bad luck? 😉

  4. auntie p said

    Dawa certainly lives up to the reputation of black cats – that they have the sweetest, and most adorable disposition.

    The majority of black cats that I’ve come across are like that!

  5. Anonymous said

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