What on Earth is Dawa?

July 2, 2006

I should have explained the meaning Dawa’s name.

Translated literally in Mandrain, Dawa would meaning simply Big Doll.

But it is actually a Tibetan name which could mean Monday. But it has a much symbolic meaning to it – “the one who brings light out of the darkness”.

But I suspect Dawa just prefers Wa-Wa (doll in short). She pretends not to hear me when Dawa is called & meows when I called Wa-Wa *sigh*

So there it is – Dawa is her name & Wa-Wa shall be her nickname.



2 Responses to “What on Earth is Dawa?”

  1. Mary said

    Hi Cat, she is beautiful.

  2. Zeus said

    I prefer the Tibetan meaning moreso than the Mandarin. That is what she is for you in a sense due to the loss of the previous feline. However, I can see how she is also a beautiful doll of sorts!

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