Junior & Wa-Wa

July 11, 2006

From strangers …

… the bedmates

Junior: Stay away where you are woman! I will not succumb to your spell!

Wa-Wa: So you say, you silly boy … Bwahahhahaha!!!!!!

Who did this?? Junior!!!!! Erhm … it’s actually Wa-Wa’s handiwork … 😛

Making up to Junior for the toilet roll mistake …. plus lotsa lotsa kisses *sigh*


9 Responses to “Junior & Wa-Wa”

  1. Zeus said

    Isis used to always rip the toilet paper. She would pull it till wrapped around the whole house! Unfortunately, she doesn’t do that anymore so I need to find new ways of getting her into trouble.

  2. Ayla said

    This is why the Mom keeps the toilet paper locked up in the bathroom. The Brats would have too much of a field day with it otherwise.

  3. M said

    They are so beautiful!(-:

  4. cat_aunty said

    Whah, sashimi….!

  5. Bonnie Underfoot said

    Hmmm. You are what you eat, so feed naughty cats “Angel’s”!

  6. M said


    I hope everything is ok. You have updated your website in awhile.

    I found a site you might like:
    “Compassion Over Killing”

    It is dedicated to decreasing animal abuse especially in the food industry.

  7. Leif&Bonita said

    My blog about my cats (Meow) has a new address: http://leifandbonita2.blogspot.com/ (Meow2)


  8. Gattina said

    They are all the same, wherever you go ! Even in Belgium. I have 4 cats, 2 of them are Londoner girls. But they meow in french by now. My white cat Arthur meows in french, but Lisa in flemish (that’s the two official languages over here) So you see we are quite an European family.
    If you want to meet them look at my blogs.

  9. Anonymous said


    I hope your cats are doing okay. I just read an awful news article about someone killing cats in Singapore. I couldn’t read the whole article. It was awful!

    Take care of your sweet kitties! We will be thinking of you!

    -M( from blog As if You Care)

    -Leif and Bonita (we lost our website when our silly mom switched to blogger beta!!)

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