New Kids On The Block

September 23, 2006

No, no, no. No more additions to the House of Chaos. My Chaos is more than I can handle right now. The new kids I refer to are the new kittens I found on Monday on the street where I work.

4 to exact – 2 blacks, 1 tux & 1 tortoiseshell. They look to be about 2 months old siblings & in good health. Victims of dumping?

Anyway, 2 of them are very friendly & another 2 are shy. Good news is, we managed to get the 2 friendly catsters adopted on the same day they were found. My fellow ad cohort – a very very nice lady decided to take 1 black & the tux back.

Just to make sure she’s happy with her wise decision, she went home with 2 kittens, free kitten revolution & 1 sponsored vet visit – courtesy of yours truly.

As for the other 2, they seem to be happy where they are. Playing and running the length of our street (its a conservation area so no vehicles allowed).

Lucky for them, the offices here are animal friendly. They are so totally loved by everyone here. The kittens have become our babies.

Our babies Brownie (left) & Sesame (right)

Brownie taking refuge under the shade of a tree

Precocious Sesame

We also have a resident black cat whom I call Asha which means hope in Hindi. But Asha is a cat of many names. She’s also known to us as Blackie, Seow Hei, Hor Eh which all refers to her being black. She responds to all names as long as she’s fed & pet.

Asha & her breakfast

Asha’s terrified of Brownie & Sesame. Then again, Asha’s terrified of any cats. She is perfectly comfortable with humans & dogs but bolts at the sight of another cat. She is a strange one.

Anyway, everyone on our street has made it our mission to be on a look out for potential adopters for kittens. They will be going to someone who will take both of them on board.

Wish us luck!


One Response to “New Kids On The Block”

  1. vegancat said

    Heartwarming to read of such community spiritedness 🙂

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