News on the Home Front

September 23, 2006

Apologies apologies for the long silence. Right, what’s up with the Chaos …

Carma is getting along fine now with Alex & Junior. Her relationship with Wawa still has a way to go, but they have all the time in the world.

Beauty is grumpy as ever although she’s a lot slimmer these days. Strict diet – dry food only, no more snacks & junk food & lots of exercise. She gets out every morning & run the corridor. She’s down to her ideal weight of 6 kilos. Hurrah!

Junior, on the other hand, my goodness, he grows SO fast. He is a heavy boy but very active. Gets along fabulously with everyone. Starting to show that he is also the ‘man’ of the house. There are a few times where he tries to get fresh with Beauty only to learn that he is not so ‘man’ after all.

Wawa has grown too. She is growing into one gorgeous coat. A very quiet & shy girl who likes boys – both humans & felines ones.

Our very own stalker

My serene little Carma is quietly piling on the kilos

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No .. it’s the MOTHER OF ALL ROACHES!!!!

Cuddles – a private moment

Go away stalker

Mommy’s black beauty 🙂


10 Responses to “News on the Home Front”

  1. vegancat said

    Wah lau eh. Your blog constipation finally cleared!
    Glad to see movement now!

  2. vegancat said

    At least Wawa is confirmed hetero. Umm..Junior and Alex…maybe not so hetero…Beauty….asexual grouch! Carma…confirmed sexually in her next karmic rebirth.

  3. Kootoo and M&M said

    My goodness! Is that Junior in pixs 4 and 5?! He is such a BIG boy now!

  4. Cat said

    Haha – Vegancat, Alex & Jr for sure, swing both ways. They have great affection for each other. They would not just play but groom each other, give each other hugs. Of course you know Alex’s love affair with Dim Sum & Jr has Wawa on side for feminine affection.

    Good grief. These are actually my cats!

    Kootoo – yes that’s Jr. He is as big as Alex & Carma now. Wawa is not far behind either.

    I have long tossed out the kitten carriers. I now have 2 jumbo sized cat carriers just for the Chaos.

  5. cat_aunty said

    Good to have you back.

  6. auntie p said

    It’s been a long while. Glad to see all are fine in the house.

  7. calsifer said

    Seeing the chaos blog resuscitate, gives me hope of our Tipped Ear Clan’s revival ;P

    One thing though, is it prudent to allow Beauty out, given you-know-what?

  8. Cat said

    I know what you mean Calsifer. But she’s pretty timid when she’s outside. Everytime she hears footsteps or the lift going ‘ding’ downstairs, she’d come running home. Plus, she goes out at 6am. No one on my floor wakes up at 6am except us.

    & I do keep a lookout, peeping from the corner of the front door, like a mommy sending her kid to kindegarten.

  9. calsifer said

    Mummy knows best =)

    But just be careful, yeah? Never know when a nosy-parker of a small-minded neighbour or even just a visitor spots furries and decide to notify the Horrible Disciplinian Bigbrother.

  10. Cat said

    I know what you mean Calsifer. Thanks. 🙂

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