October 9, 2006


7 Responses to “Amigos”

  1. cat_aunty said

    First pix, cute.

    Second pix, super cute.

    3rd pix, hyenas? Dingos?

  2. Cat said

    Dingos & Hyenas? Amusing but far from it Cat_Aunty. The last pix belongs to Sesame (black) & Brownie (tortoisehell) – the stray kittens in my workplace.

  3. auntie p said

    So sweet! So JR is the fattest of the lot? 😮

    Good luck to Brownie & Sesame on their adoption!

  4. Cat said

    Auntie_P, Jr is the 2nd largest. For now, Beauty still takes the prize as the biggest cat in the house.

  5. jennifer_yq said

    Is the black cat ur wawa? looked like my Ou Du Du whom is also all in black with a short tail…

    you can see her in my blog and her 3 other ‘siblings’

  6. Cat said

    Hi Jennifer,

    The black cat in the second picture is Wawa. Wawa has a very short tail.

    The one in the 3rd pic is Sesame.

    Ou Du Du & Wawa DO look alike! 🙂

  7. KXBC said

    That is one fluffy cat.

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