Did You Know …

October 23, 2006

Persians & other longhairs are called “cobby” because of their stocky, rounded bodies & short, sturdy legs & rounded faces. Other features includes a broad head & big, round eyes.

When a domestic cat goes after mice, about one in 3 results in a catch.

A cat lover is an ailurophile while a cat hater is an ailurophobe.

A cat has a unique sense of taste – it lacks the ability to detect sweetness but it can differentiate the slightest variations in the taste of water.

Cats wrinkle their nose the same way humans do when they are puzzled or insulted. You have to look closely to see two or three wrinkles down the length of your cat’s nose whenever a behaviour is beyond the cat’s comprehension or offends his sensibilities.

One of a cat’s most affectionate gestures is the ‘love bite’ – a gentle tooth-hold on her owner’s hand or arm.

One of the most subtle movements in a cat’s repertoire is the ‘rocking horse’ – an invitation to play that involves stiffening of all 4 legs and rocking slightly forward & back in quiet anticipation.

Every cat’s nose pad has unique characteristics. Just as no two humans have then same fingerprints, its a fact that no two feline noseprints are alike.

Americans spend more on cat food than baby food! – over $3 million annually.

Many cats are partially white – a result of white-spotting gene that makes the cat’s true color. There are special names given to the different degrees of white markings:

  • A cat with white paws are said to be mitted.
  • A cat with white patch on the chest is said to have a locket.
  • A cat with several small, white belly patches is said to have buttons.
  • A cat with roughly half his body surface white is said to be bicolor.
  • A cat with a predominantly white coat and a few color patches is a Harlequin
  • A cat with a white coat except for color on the tail & head is a Van.
  • A black cat with white legs, underside & chest is called a Tuxedo.
  • A black & white cat is called a Jellicle cat.

… & now I know!


2 Responses to “Did You Know …”

  1. cat_aunty said

    Thank you. Now I know!

  2. M said


    my cat Leif gives me love bites!

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