Its 4 months now since I’ve become a vegetarian. …

October 23, 2006

Its 4 months now since I’ve become a vegetarian.

I admit it hasn’t always been easy. There are many times I just want to sink my teeth into a juicy cheesy burger or a succulent kong bak pao . I try to ban these thoughts out of my head, sometimes I succeed & sometimes I fail miserably.

And when I do fall off the wagon, I fall with a BIG thudd. Believe you me. It became a gorging fest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not proud of myself, I feel like I’m a hypocrite. But I figured since I started, I might as well make the best of it. I know tsk tsk tsk *head down in shame*.

Anyway, met Rumah Kuching Kechil last Thursday at Ajahn Brahm’s talk & she asked how my vegetarian efforts are coming along. I fessed up. She was sweet & reassured me that people do fall off the wagon every once in a while (but I’m not sure if people fall off & into a gorge fest!).

She recommended Bocca burgers since I LOVE cheese burgers. Bocca’s available in most Cold Storage, comes in a box of 4 soy patties. Tried them on Sunday with sesame burgers, cheese, tomatos & lettuce & they are really very good. So thank you RKK!

Since I chose to be a vegetarian, I become even more animal or rather planet friendly – conscienciously recyling my plastics, metal & paper, avoid buying stuff that’s leather, going for organic produce than the regular ones in the market.

The funny thing is, it costs more to maintain this lifestyle than living the mainstream lifestyle. Take the Bocca patties – it costs something like $7.50 a box as compared the Farmland chicken patties that costs something like $3.50 a box. This doesn’t make sense does it? A non-meat-made-to-taste-like-real-meat food costs more than the actual meat itself. Sure, Farmland is bad processed meat. So make a patty from scratch with ground beef, it still won’t costs as much. But I guess its the economics of demand & supply. *sigh*

The annoying thing I deal with on a regular basis is to explain what a vegetarian is, what I can & cannot eat & why I am one. You’d be surprise, people still offer me fish balls & say ‘its fish not meat’. Or maybe, I just work with extremely dense people.

I have to explain ‘any food that comes from something moves, has a brain, I don’t eat them. I eat the green stuff called vegetables.’ Good grief. Next question ‘Vegetarian you Buddhist ah?’. ‘Well, yes I am a Buddhist but was not the only reason I became a vegetarian. There is compassion & love for life.’

Compassion & love for life is not a concept my colleagues can understand. And what people can’t understand, they categorise you. I ‘m now sometimes known as ‘that Buddhist’ (with slight tone of disdain) or ‘that crazy animal lover’ (comes with a tone of a little sympathy). At least, I graduated from ‘the crazy cat lady’. I feel like a PETA in the office sometimes. Whatever.

So, other than a few predicted bumps on the road, it is not that bad. I do feel healthier & more energetic (contrary to our conditioning that without meat we will be weak). At the same time, accept the fact that I’m human & I do have my weak moments. 🙂


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