Know which vegetarian type you belong to: Pescata…

October 28, 2006

Know which vegetarian type you belong to:

Pescatarian – doesn’t eat all meat but eat fish, eggs & diary prodoucts.

Flexitarian – tries to maintain a vegetarian diet but does occasionally eat meat. That’s me! 🙂

Lacto-Vegetarian – doesn’t eat all meat & eggs but eat diary products.

Ovo-Vegetarian – doesn’t eat all meat & diary products but eat eggs.

Vegans – doesn’t eat meat, fish, eggs, diary products & animal-derived products e.g. gelatin. There is some debate as to whether certain foods, such as honey, fit into a vegan diet. They also do not use products derived from animals – leather, wool & silk.

Raw Vegan – eats only unprocessed vegan foods (whole grains, fruits & vegetables) that have not been heated above 46 degrees Celsius. “Raw foodists” believe that foods cooked above this temperature have lost a significant amount of their nutritional value and are harmful to the body.

Macrobiotic – eats unprocessed vegan foods, and occasionally eats fish. A macrobiotic’s diet emphasise on the consumption of Asian vegetables, such as daikon, and sea vegetables, such as seaweed.



One Response to “Know which vegetarian type you belong to: Pescata…”

  1. veganmeow said

    Pescatarian??? Then what about polo-pescatarians or porko-polo-pescatarians 😉
    I think, it is better to keep it simple – a vegetarian is a person who does not eat animals!’ It’s very anoying when people think that a vegetarian eats fish. Of course there are part-time vegetarians…most vegetarians started that way.

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