Other Cats

October 28, 2006

On Wednesday, we found Asha (Xiao Hei), our resident cat, with a huge larceration on her neck – should have taken a photo of it but forgot. Vincent was kind enough to help me take her to the vet right away. Her larceration was infected & she needs to be put on antibiotics & have her wound cleaned twice a day. We decided to board her at the vet until next Tuesday, just to be sure she is completely healed. Everyone is joking that Asha’s on holiday at the moment 🙂 but I have a feeling she’s pretty stressed out in foreign land. Poor baby. 😦
Sesame & Peanut (formerly known as Brownie) – the 2 siblings are growing up fast. They are big in size now although not still not old enough to be neutered. They are winning fans from all over. They are fed so many times a day (which explains their girth) by different people – the cleaning auntie next door feeds them in the mornings, afternoons & Saturdays, I in the evenings & Sundays, the owners of the pubs along our stretch in the nights plus the odd people who come & go who’d pet them & feed them.

People may be turned off by her looks but Peanut always win them over with her sweet personality

Sesame gave us a fright yesterday when he showed signs of fatigue & lost of appetite. The auntie was pretty sure one of the pubs had call in the pest control to kill the roaches & Sesame must gotten a whif of the repellent or something. There were a lot of dead roaches last evening, behind the alleged pub. Or it could a hormonal thing. Who knows. But he was moody, wouldn’t let either one of us touch him. Fortunately, he is alright this morning when I saw him on my way to the office. He is back to his playful self with a humongous appetite. Phew.

Sesame is still a little moody but he’s eating & playing.

This morning, spotted a new tom-cat, white in color, very furtive, afraid of humans but friendly with Peanut & Sesame. He has a huge head & small beady eyes, no tipped ear – pretty sure he’s not neutered. I only managed to take a picture of his bum. Will have to trap him soon.

And finally Goldie (above). She is a mature neutered female who resides the void deck where I live. I have a sneaking suspicion someone in my block feeds her upstairs because sometimes I do run into her on the 10th floor & sometimes she’d disappear for a week but always re-appeared (so far so good, knock on wood). But she spends most of her time sleeping in the bushes & on the deck chairs. She is a very friendly cat. She prefers a pet more than a feed most times (she definitely has a owner, I’m sure of it!). She is a sweetie-pie!


One Response to “Other Cats”

  1. auntie p said

    Ahh…i was wondering why S and P weren’t available for adoption. Glad that many folks are doting on them.

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