Say You Love Me

October 28, 2006

How does your cat/s express its love to you? My bunch of 5:

Alex – wet sloppy kisses on my lips, hugs & cuddles

Beauty – always greet at the door with a ‘welcome home hon!’ kiss

Carma – love bites, kneading, cuddles & head rubs

Junior – head rubs

Wawa – head rubs & basically following me everywhere like a dog


2 Responses to “Say You Love Me”

  1. cat_aunty said

    You are lucky. Spencer does greet me at the door, but it is because she wants to go out after a day of being cooped in. She doesn’t give love bites, cuddles, kisses or headbutts.

  2. M said

    Leif licks my face and hands. When he was a kitten he sucked on my chin and gave me miniature hickies!

    Bonita is more subtle. She follows me around. She finally lets me pet her. She purrs like a little engine *sometimes* when I brush her. She crawls all over me and sleeps on my legs at night.

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