Read this article in Today’s on the MRT to work th…

October 30, 2006

Read this article in Today’s on the MRT to work this morning. The author, Anita Kapoor struck a raw nerve in me & I’m sure amongst a few of my compatriots. But I have to admit I am occasionally guilty of few of the acts she wrote about. However, this is not a Singapore problem but it is a problem faced by developed nations.

You can read the article here.

The same paper also covered the upcoming government’s efforts to help Singaporeans cope with death, particularly end-of-life care & how people choose to be treated in their final stages. Some years back, the government introduced the Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) allowing Singaporeans (adults) to refused extraordinary life-sustaining treatment to prolong our life. Since its introduction, approximately 4000 Singaporeans have signed an AMD & a third did so after a high-profile case of Terri Schiavo. The campaign (?) I guess is to raise the awareness of AMD.

My family & I made up of that paltry 4k figure. 😛


3 Responses to “Read this article in Today’s on the MRT to work th…”

  1. calsifer said

    Would you believe, I’ve been meaning to sign the AMD for years, but things always get in the way – either we forgot to follow-up or the GP did not have the right form.

    Shall have to endeavour to follow-through. Thanks for the reminder =)

  2. auntie p said

    My and hubby intend to sign up too.

  3. Anonymous said

    AMD covers advanced life support. It doesn’t cover somebody shoving a tube down your nose and forcefeed you till
    “thy kingdom cometh” even when u r brain-dead.

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